Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Hola Familia!  I wanted to say I love you a lot!!
I really needed some happiness this week and..........................

You are all the best.  I received your letters and was super happy.  I love hearing from you all.  Every time I went to the mailbox I was like "MIGHT AS WELL BE AN ORPHAN" (haha) and then I realized that was extremely unjustified.  It's just been one of those times let me tell ya! And then the next day I got a whole bunch of letters haha.  Humbling.  I LOVE YOU.  I am going to write you all back today!!!  

On the subject of writing.... sorry I don't always write back very well to all the people who are amazing and have written.  I want to be better about that! It is hard as I don't have a lot of time.

I am glad the snow is coming down.  I am also loving California.  Seriously it is 65 degrees outside and feels great.  I have only had maybe 1 or 2 days of weird weather out here.  It is exactly the same.  But ya enjoy that snow!

I am giving an 8 minute talk in church next Sunday.  As daunting as an 8 minute talk in spanish (or english haha) would have seemed to me, I am actually really excited! I am going to talk about the word JOY in the scriptures and how we can use the context around that word to apply in our own lives.  I have a paper BOM that I have been reading and every time I see the word JOY I circle it and it has been a really cool experience.  I can upload my talk maybe next week! 

Also I am the ward pianista.  For choir, sacrament meeting, baptisms AND Relief Society.  The kids wont want to hear this but PRACTICE THE PIANO!  At least to the point where you can play all the hymns.  I promise that you will receive blessings for your hard work and diligence!!  I wish I would have practiced a bit more (the ward probably does too haha).

Also a cool experience this week is that Bxxxxx bore his testimony in sacrament meeting.  He is amazing.  He bore testimony of the Book of Mormon.  It was the perfect testimony.  It is moments like that that make everything worth it.  Work harder so more people can have that. 

It is super exciting because next week we are having a mission conference with ELDER BEDNAR!!!!  I am sooooo excited.  Conferences are always the funnest things.  



Emily ROSE and SHOUTED, a CHEER she let out.
As she read Lizzy got accepted to BYU UUUUU
<<true story, right in the middle of the family history center>>
I am soooo happy!!!!!!!!!!

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