Wednesday, March 25, 2015



First off I got allergies and sneezed 1,111 times in a row.  Manteca is attacking meeeee.  It was in the middle of the night and for almost an hour I was just sneezing.  We have a joke where we say salud/dinero/amor after each time you sneeze and I always only sneeze twice,  so I never reach love. We were joking I definitely got there this time!!!

I was standing in this super shabby apartment and I was pondering Lehi’s dream.  I had a revelation!  As missionaries we have to go into the great and spacious shabby building (induced by this complex) and convince the people to come out and hold onto the rod! That’s why missions are hard you are IN the great and spacious building.  I thought it was clever.  I need someone to draw it for me and dedicate it to me or something. 

At our meeting with Elder Bednar!
We have an investigator named Dxxxa and she has 2 young kids.  We were over at her house for a lesson and her son Dxxxxxl said "I saw you today outside"  We were like what??  When?? He said, “Talking to that guy in the white chair!  So I yelled THE DICTIONARIES!!!  But you didn’t answer”.
We HAD been talking to a man who was sitting outside his house earlier that day. It was sooo cute :)

Let me tell you this transfer day was the CRAZIEST.  First off it started with us eating dried squid legs.  Elder Yi from Korea got a package from home and shared.  It was disgusting!  We get up at 6 to play futbol together as a District (this District has definitely been one of my favorites!!) and so we all tried the squid together after that.  IT WAS GROSS.

We did a “Man-Up-Monday” at the ranch (I kept singing "just another man - up Monday (whooo ooo)...... wish it were P- dayyyy"  I thought I was funny).  We dug some more holes.  Then Hermana Delgado made us Carne Asada!  We also got to eat vegan food with Hermana Gomez so that was awesome!  (Carne Asada then vegan food.... sigh disgrace)  It helped pass the time though because transfer days are sooo long! 

I had a feeling of something super big was happening, or nothing was happening.  So Hermana Cavazos and I were both going crazy.... all day!!  Because we had both been here the same amount of time anything could happen.   So I pulled a prank on her.   I secretly texted the other Spanish elders to prank call us around 6:00 pm (when they normally do training/leadership calls) just to freak out Hermana Cavazos.  Hahahaha it was CLASSIC.  She was screaming and driving haha it was hilarious. She was so mad haha.  But ya the verdict has been sent! Transfer Craziness.

**EVERYONE!  I am staying in MANTECA!!!**

I am super happy to stay here because I love this area! 

My companion is going to Elk Grove, and she got switched back to English work.  She is really sad, but she has cheered up a lot more today, so I am really excited for her!  She is companions with a missionary from the Christmas islands!!!

I also received a call that I don't know who my new companion is because I am training next transfer!!!!! I am getting a baby in the mission!  I am really nervous, but I am also really excited.  I go to the mission office tomorrow to pick her up right off the plane!  I feel extremely nervous, but I will take it as it comes, haha.  I went and bought Pan bread today, and made her a planner last night and I am just going crazy!!!  It will be good.

I love you all!

Thanks for the emails!

Mom and dad you are the best.  I hope you have a good week!!


p.s. On Hermana Cavazos – if you can send her little notes or quotes or thoughts.  She loves Star Wars. I want her to have some mail, too.
p.s.s If you can send me any trips for training that would be great J
p.s.s. If you have time can you send me military pamphlets? I am just curious

REUNITED! North-SAC Hermanas!

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