Monday, March 16, 2015

March 16 - Elder Bednar

This week was just a little crazy.  But it was SUPER GOOD! Haaaaa.  Good stuff ahead …keep reading :)

I got your pictures!!!!  They were great!  

I love my geeky family.  Seriously I love that you counted down pi day.  haha.


When asked if she got time to practice for her duties as the ward pianist:
I don't get time to practice.  It has been interesting, but I am improving my spotting skills!  And I cheat sometimes and only play the bottomest note of the left hand.  Do what you got to do! 

When asked when she would find out if she was being recalled to the Modesto mission:
 I am not sure about Modesto......No one really knows anything about it!!!  But we are getting 6 new spanish Hermanas this next transfer.  Crazy!!!

When asked how long her companion had been out:
My companion has been serving for 13 months.  I have written you a letter with more information.  But also I wanted to tell you I have gotten a ton of your letters.  Thanks for the support and everything.  If you get a minute could you send them to my companion?  Her name is Alyxx Cavazos! Same address and everything.  

Some insights of my missionary life that I wrote in my planner to write:

First off Manteca has a Union Pacific Railroad in the middle of town.  It makes me happy for some reason.  Train whistles are always blowing.  Insight into Manteca.    

We were talking to a man fixing his car outside.  Then his friend came up and she was totally out of it.  But she handed him a pair of board shorts and said here are your shorts!  We talked to her for a bit, and then she just broke out and said "Ok I got to be completely honest with you, I stole these shorts.........."  We were just like OH.  But it was super funny and she said she wants to turn her life around and not do that haha.  We were like YA YOU GOT THIS! 

Another funny is we were talking to a person who I didn't think was stoned, but I quickly realized he was when he fell asleep during the middle of our prayer against a fence.  We were just like.....what do we doooo..... walk away slowly..... hahaha he was out cold!! 

Exciting things is I have purchased my own set of white boards.  I am going to organize all the menos activos and investigators.  You should see our planning area.  Spot on.

One more funny experience.  We were talking to a woman about her religion.  She said she was an Israelite (she was Hispanic).  She explained that she belongs to the original tribes of Israel.  I was like that is really cool!  We love those tribes of Israel! In fact here is a book....... and then she is like sorry, I can't accept that pamphlet from you.  I am like ok but I know that these things are from God, and have helped me a lot in my life, and I am really happy.  Then she asks me "are you of European descent?"  I was like, “I don't know but probably”.  Then she said "Well I am glad you are happy because this earth is your heaven!”  Then she turned to Hna Cavazos and said, “Don't worry we will have our salvation soon." ....... hahahahaha I was like WHAT?  But then it has been the funniest thing haha.

We headed up north to see ELDER BEDNAR!!  It was great because never is the whole mission together.  I saw everyone that I love and miss!!  It was great.  Hermana Fly told me that Bxxxa and Jxxe Lxxs went to the temple for the first time this week!  They had a good experience and I was just so happy.  Everyone tells me they are just fireballs.  (Sidenote about your idea to invite their family to come visit and see the national parks -  Bxxxa wears leggings everyday because she is constantly walking and running SO I think Bryce Canyon would be amazing! But I want to be there!! Wait for me!!!) 

The conference with Bednar was super amazing.  It was solely us as missionaries and the Apostle.  When he walked into the room I could tell a difference.  When we were in the chapel I felt the same as though I was in the temple the whole time.  I have no doubt in my mind that God our Father and Jesus Christ direct this church.  These men are called by God.  We were with him for over 4 hours, but to me it felt like an hour.  I have no doubt in my mind that he is an Apostle chosen by the Lord.  I wish everyone could experience what we can as Latter Day Saints.  It definitely motivated me to work harder as a missionary.  I will always remember this experience.  It made me realize how important missionary work is to our Father in Heaven if he let one of his servants have that time with just us 200 missionaries.  

One missionary asked him that in this world, what is going to be the hardest for the Saints to push forward.  He answered their faith in the Plan of Salvation.  He said it plays out a million ways for each person, but from what he has seen the Plan of Salvation and our faith in it is what is going to be the hardest, but also the most necessary that we live and follow.  I thought that was very general, but so true.  I am going to study it a little more this week.  

He told us not to take notes on what he said, but on what was not said (but I still snuck in some notes haha). He talked about not being objects, but being agents.  It was really applicable to missionary work because I often shove informacion at people and turn them into objects.  Doesn’t work.  But we need to give people tools so they can find their own answers.  Make them an agent in their own life.  It is definitely harder missionary work.  But we are offering access to the atonement, to the power of God.  
I never want to not be a missionary.  There are a lot of hard things that happen, but I am sorry that I sometimes let that get in the way of sharing what miracles happen everyday.  I am super grateful for my life, and all that I have been able to see and do and experience.  I am one lucky girl that is for sure!  I know that this gospel is true, and I am going to try to always to work to show my gratitude for it.  

I am sorry to hear about all that is happening at home.  It is always a little different with people you know and love.  But it puts more power in what you believe to be true.  I know that we can always grow no matter what happens.  But I feel really sad.  I love you all, and I love where I am from.  

I love you all my family so much, and we are eternal beings!  I hope you have a good week and know that I love you all a lot!



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