Monday, March 30, 2015

March 30 - I AM SO HAPPY

This week began with my new baby!!!! Her name is Hermana Vergaray. She is from Washington State, near Everett. Every day she says she loves the sun haha.  She had to phonetically spell out her name for me (VAIR-GUH-DIE). She said you can also say "Verygoodeye" haha.  She is AWESOME! I am still thinking of a nickname for her. I don't know if I said this before but Hermana Skidmore always called me "Shefskies". I am thinking something like VergaRAY SunRAY) but I don't know. I will have to think about it.
Her dad is from Peru, and she has been going to a Spanish branch, so she already knows a lot of Spanish. It will be a fun transfer to just get out here and work and learn together! We have talked in Spanish SO MUCH this week so I am really happy. This is exactly how I needed to start out training I think! The Lord knows us!  

We had to leave Manteca at 6:15 to get to the mission office in time, and so I slept zero hours ha ha. I was so keyed up it was hilarious.  
When she walked in I had a "comp at first sight" moment. I was like yep.  President Jardine said that he has no doubt in his mind we are where we are supposed to be so have confidence in that! I am really excited for these next 2 transfers!!  
This picture is the three new Spanish Hermana's and their trainers. Two came from the CCM, but mine came from Provo!  She has only been on her mission for 13 days when I got her! Nuevacita!

 Picking up all her stuff from the mission office!  While there I got to say goodbye to Hermana Hurley before she left.

 We had dinner with the Stake and ate "IT'S-IT"s.  They are a San Francisco tradition. I love traditions!

This is our new District!

My new companera is a workhorse! Let's just stay Manteca is going to get OWNED! I am so excited! No rest for the wicked RIGHTEOUS!  We are going to get so much done in Manteca!   She is really funny and happy and super spiritual.  She is already killing it so I don't know how much I am going to be actually training her haha!

This is my comp in all of her second day action glory! Writing those sticky notes! (Notice the classic aloe vera plant?? HA HA)

 A picture of all my planners! The new one is the top right... In honor of Earth Day of course.  The funny story behind this is that it was originally a Jehovah Witness pamphlet that was stuck in our door.  I sharpied out all the pictures. It looks sweet! And who doesn't like some irony?

One of our investigators, Dxxxa, has a son named Dxxxxl.  He thinks I am the coolest ever because I wanted to play baseball with him... but then we both got in trouble because he hadn't done his homework yet!!  When we were leaving her house, he stopped me and asked, "The next time you come will you tell me five things I can do to help my mom?"  IT WAS SO CUTE!!

General Conference is this week and I am so excited! We are telling the members of the Ward to think of questions they have and to ponder them for Conference.  One member was like, "Is it okay if I have three questions?" Haha. We are watching it in Spanish at the Stake Center! I am going to buy treats today. OUR WARD IS AWESOME.

I loved the General Women's Conference! It made me think of my amazing mom!  Which made me cry, but it was a good kind!  I am grateful to have the mom I do, and the family I do! I love you all so much!

The church released "Because He Lives" and while "Because of Him" will always be a favorite, I liked this one as well.  I am excited to start sharing it with people! The Church is doing a "You-Tube takeover" on Easter Sunday, so spread the word and share it!!  Invite people to learn more about the restored gospel!

I will send pictures of my apartment. I worked hard on decorating it and it includes my California signed flag, a map of Mexico, our area map, and a giant whiteboard on the wall. It is top notch I must say! I love it!

I got the best surprise ever this week! I got a packet of letters from Jxxe Lxxs and Bxxxxa and family! I had to share Juniors letter with you. Is that not the best thing you could ever read? This goes down in my life's greats. I am so happy!!

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