Tuesday, June 23, 2015



You know how people talk about those moments when your heart just gets tight and you want to cry?

That happened to me!

I now have a testimony that I know that those kind of experiences really do happen. 

My heart was actually surprised and had a whole bunch of joy in there.  

I was sitting next to Exxxxxo during the opening hymn of Sacrament meeting and I make eye contact with..... BxxxA?!!?  I was soooo shocked!  Hermana Cuesta had NO IDEA either that they had planned to come! 
Bxxxxa, Jxxxt, Junior, Axxxxxy, and Axxxxxs all came down from North Sacramento to see us! 

We spent church together and afterwards we went to a park near Leilani's house and ate together. 

I love them all so much.  It was the perfect way to start off this transfer!  


Junior told me I speak Spanish way better now! haha.  Anthony called me a princess.  They told me that they both want to be missionaries someday.  I guess Axxxxxy had to get called out at school because he wanted everyone to call him Elder Sxxxxxr.  His dad had to tell him that in the house he can be Elder Sxxxxxr, but at school he has to stay Axxxxxy! Junior told me all about his scout camp and he loved it so much!!

 aaahhhh This family is my favorite. These people are my favorite. I am so happy.


Here are a whole bunch of pictures of the people I love.

Here are some pictures from LAST WEEK when I said goodbye to my bebe Veragray.

I wore the same outfit as the first day I met her,  and she matched me hahaha... nothing like 12 weeks to put you in sync. 


It was a sad day.   We went and had vegan ice-cream together and ate it at a park. 

Axxxxd is our ward mission leader, and Leilani is a ward missionary.  We have had some great times at correlation together.  


I would like to announce that I have successfully ran (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) 1.6 miles each day.  (Sing with me, "I'm on my way to fitness and happiness todaaaayyyy uh huh uh huh uh huh uh huh").  

I motivate Hermana Cuesta to get out of bed, and she motivates me to keep running.  We are a team!!  I start my six months to sexy soon, so I am working on that :)

Exxxxo received the priesthood this Sunday!  I didn't get a chance to see him after church, so we are going to visit him today.  

I drove up to Sacramento to get trained on being a Sister Training Leader (STL).  Hermana Jardine videotaped me role-playing telling a Sister missionary her skirt was too short and I about nearly died.  Filming me does NOT bring out my best self but by the end we had an appointment to go thrift store shopping so I think my methods will work for now, and I will learn stuff along the way.  It will be an adventure for sure! 

I got to see Elder Poulton, and Elder Mortensen that came out with me there, because they are both District Leaders now!  Cool stuff!  

We had a conference Skype call with all the Zones that will be leaving the Modesto mission.  We got to ask questions about exactly what will be happening.  So here are some answers that you might be interested in knowing:

- The Mission split will happen next Sunday ((28th of June)  
-The new address to the mission office is:
 California Modesto Mission / 4300 Dale Rd / Modesto, CA / 95356.  
-New mission phone number is 209.543.9400
- The new mission zones will be LodiStocktonManteca, North Modesto, Modesto, and Turloc!   
- We are turning in our i-Pads in at the end of today, and if you have paid for it, you will get refunded soon.

All the missionaries in this new mission will be on different transfer cycles.  So that means I just got a mission extension!!  I will be coming home 14 days later than anticipated, so the end of January!  If I get an extension again, that will mean I have served a 20 month mission (look out Elders haha!!)

Well I hope you all have a good week.

Tell dad not to worry his Father’s Day card is coming.  

Love you all so much!!!


Wednesday, June 17, 2015



Soooo many things have happened this week so I am going
to send all the pictures I have received and tell stories.

The Second Harvest Food Bank was cleaning out their storage of cakes
so we each got to choose a cake.  Hahaha I know you know I can clear a
cake no problem.......

We took our picture outside Second Harvest.  This is the place I
sorted a million apples, oranges, and carrots, plus had good conversations
with members and missionaries!!! I love it!!

We are in a drought people!!!!!! We were seriously dying of heat.  It
got over 100 a couple times this week.  We are grateful for AC and
purified water!!!!! Can't afford all this wasted water  :)

Our last possible P-Day together we hit up Applebee's (thanks to Aunt
Ashlee and her generous donation!!) we ate Asian Chicken salad which
we have discovered this transfer and it was so good!!!! Mmmmmm.
Hhhaaaa good times.

After Zone meeting we hit up the hopping hamburger place of Tracy!  I
love these Sisters a lot.  Sister Sili promised me I can come visit
her in Tonga :)

My comp driving hahahagahahaha

Mission conference in  December flashback.

We organized a moving crew (us 8 missionaries in Manteca) to help our
neighbor move.  We finished so fast they were super happy (super
happy because it was two stories with a ton weighing bed that took all
the Eders and 2 more men to move haaaa).  They gave us a lot of money
and were interested in coming to Church because of it.  We tried not
to take the money but he said Jesus told him to do it!

Sister Sili and Tu'atonga hooked us up with the Tongan members in the
Ward and we had a Tongan dinner!!! I was a little sicked out, but I
have become a liiitttllleee more sensitive to those kinds of things.
I did eat though, aaannnnndddd I can say I ate some pig brain!!!

Gross! Couldn't pass that one up but never again will I do it!
It was for Elder Stone’s birthday and so he tried it. Hermana V and I then had to do it as we were like Spanish work REPRESENT! We have probably eaten lots crazier things than that in posole!  (Dont know if that is how you spell it ha)

We had a Ward party at the park.  I got to play some soccer and
baseball!! This is Elder Griffin and he got to Manteca when I did but
he was being trained.  He is such a hard worker and doesn't get the
recognition that he should. He is an awesome Elder!!

For our “Man-Up Monday" we went and helped Exxxxo prune all of his fruit
trees that he planted in his back yard!! He ended up feeding us and talking to us a little more than we pruned buuuuut it was great!


Benito's house.  He seriously has 50 elephants in his house It is
our joke that I will ask him how many elephants he has and he will
answer "sin cuenta" which is without count, or "cincuenta" which is
like 50. Hahaha.

We were having a moment in the car before our last lesson that we were
going to teach together , before we received our transfer calls so we
decided to take a picture.  I am so grateful for this girl, and I know
I have been far far far from perfect but I have had some of the best
times of my mission with this girl, and I love her a lot!! Bebe V!!!!

We went out to Safeway to eat some prime sushi while we waited for our
transfer calls! Haha we were freaking out soooo bad.  This transfer
was to decide our eternal fate of the missionary world!! This was the
moment that we found out which mission and where!!

The missionaries of Monte Vista ward and our ward missionaries!!!

Is the suspense killing you yet?

I received a transfer call from President Jardine, that my call was to be reassigned by the first presidency to the MODESTO California mission.  I was also called to the position of Sister Training Leader.  My companion would be the Hermana Cuesta!  My area of service was to be Manteca California!!!

I am a Modesto Missionary! I will forever be a Sacramento missionary though.  That is where I was called and born and everything!  I will forever SACATTACK it.  I get to be a training leader and go on lots of exchanges so I am excited!  Haha and my companion is Hermana Cuesta again!  This time though it is her last transfer in the mission so I am killing her off!  I killed my sister and my mom in the mission!  I am so happy I get to stay a fourth transfer in Manteca!  I love the ward, and I love where I am and I love the people I know so I am really happy.  Plus I get to spend Fourth of July here!

My baby is going to East Sacramento and will be a Sacramento missionary so I will basically never see her again!!! waaaaahhhhhhhh.   Who did that?  But she is excited to be companions with Hermana Kaaa from Hawaii and Hermana McCloud who also just got done being trained.  They are going to rock it and have a fun transfer together so I am not even worried.  I am sad though.  

Here we are at week ONE and week TWELVE:

I am excited for these happenings and I know that exciting things are happening in the future and I love being a missionary so much!  
-Hermana Sheffer