Monday, June 8, 2015

June 08 - Another Bucket List item checked off....

Here is a picture from our District lunch last week at Chick-Fil-A:

And our last sports morning with Elder Yi

And the last picture of me with my hair:


It has been an item on my Bucket List for a while so we just decided to do it because............. 

a) summers in Sacramento get very hot, and my hair is know to be huge.
b)  its a super good cause.  All the people there were like crying and telling us we were awesome.  It was a humbling experience.  
c) its ok if we look humble on our missions.  No better time right??

Shortest Hair in my LIFE selfie!

So this week was really fun!

I just want to say that Exxxxo is my favorite person ever.  For one, he saved us from a predator, and he is like a grandpa on the mission.  Family for sure. He gave us a whole box (like 72) of granola bars when we first met him. And now he is all baptized and finished with the Book of Mormon and studying all the lessons and being a member missionary and this was the last bar that we had.  I ate it.  HA HA.  But good memories with the Fiber One bars. He is seriously one of the coolest people ever, and I am excited for you to meet him.  One of my favorite moments of this week is that we gave him the whole standard works and he was so excited!  I had given him little sticky note tags to mark pages he likes in his scriptures. His little Book of Mormon has them everywhere and it just makes me so happy.  He gets really nervous still when he gets called on in class, but he is studying the lessons beforehand and just learning so much! He is getting interviewed to have the Aaronic priesthood on Tuesday so we are excited!  I went to my first Ward council of my whole mission, and people are just hilarious.  They get so animated.  I am proud of our church, they are really working hard to help our little Ward.  I am still playing the piano, and now in Sacrament meeting - so keep practicing the hymns!!!  

My future Californa beach house. I now have pictures to replicate it with. I will park my bus in front.
We had an exchange to Lodi and I got to be with my favorite people ever for the day!
Hermana's Porter, Sheffer, Cuesta, Webb, Veragray

I love Hermana Porter and Hermana Cuesta so much, and it was just a really fun, while still doing what we are supposed to be doing day.  Which was perfect for me.  I have been a little to caught up in being good at what I do that I kind of lost my fun and laughingness.  But it was a good release!  I love them.  I want to serve in Lodi someday!  Plus Hermana Cuesta is cleaning out her closet to get ready to go home, and I got a lot of her clothes that I coveted for 6 weeks!!!  I got a pair of green pulga pants, and the bunny shirt!! (I just have to be careful to not wear it around Exxxxxo haha) 

Panda Express is now one of my favorite places in the whole world to eat
This week we received the IPADS!!!  President was like, "I am going to answer the question that 90% of you have right now....  You are not going to leave this meeting today without an electronic device in your hand."  Haha.  
Yesterday my companion accidentally had a keynotes app on her iPad that wasn't allowed and PRESIDENT CALLED HER.  Hahahaha we are being watched.....  We should make Mormon versions of everything though (like Temple Run!! HA HA! As it is, we have our own app catalog for the church.  These people are crazy, the church is awesome basically.  

I am not getting too attached though because he also told us that the Modesto mission will not be using iPADS so we will have to turn them in again to the mission office if we get reassigned.  

I kind of hope I get sent to Modesto.  We are all in the process of getting reassigned right now.  They send all our names and info to the First Presidency again, and it is seriously like another mission call.  We wont find out though until the middle of July it sounds like!  We found out the the new mission presidents house will be in Ripon, which is the area we cover right now!!  We could go knock on our presidents door haha.  The new presidents name is President Palmer (seriously I just need to go to this mission right??)  But then I would be sad to leave Sacramento.  I am seriously fine with either, but it will definitely be a crazy time.

 I got your Bird bingo letter. hahahahahaha.  Scrub Jay, now I know!

I can't believe the boat is gone.  How much did you cry inside?  Are you just going to rent if you want to go to the lake?

I am so proud of Nathan for pitching!  I love baseball so much.  My family is the coolest!  

Tell Lizzy that she needs to check out rate my professor, and be on the class selection site everyday!  She CANNOT miss the first day or she will not be able to get into any classes that she wants!  Tell her she can like "plan" the courses with the teachers she wants to take so she can add them really fast.  I am not even kidding, stay up until midnight to do it!!  But ya read the ratemyprofessors!!  That is my BYU history warning :) 

I am so glad Lizzy has a house haha.  Where is she living???  Heritage?  She will have so much fun oh my goodness!  That picture of her in front of the temple, she is just beautiful.  I want to just travel the world with my sisters.  Seriously.  I am excited for you all to come out here.  I can't believe how fast time is flying by that is for sure.  I am not ready to think about almost going home.  

Tell Dad I got his "Unsweet" package. I LOVE IT!  Seriously though this was awesome. THANK YOU DAD!!! I have actually already started using the eye drops.

Well I love you all, and I hope you have a good week.  

That is my bed after exchanges just to defend myself!  It is normally made!

Lots of love
Hermana Sheffer

----seriously that bed is my after exchange endeavor---

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