Wednesday, June 3, 2015

JUNE 01 - HERE WE ARE - almost one year later

Hi familia!

I AM SO SORRY.  But sometimes I just have a hard time thinking of what to write.  It doesn't mean nothing exciting isnt happening because it totally is, but sometimes it is hard to explain. 

So here it goes, HIGHLIGHT REEL.  

- We had the mission wide iPad conference AND...................... didn't receive iPads :)

It was an entire training on how to strengthen yourself as a person.   It was all about following the spirit and remembering what is important, and not letting technology control you. Our agency and diligence are related, and it takes a lot of diligence these days with the technology that we have.  We hardly said the word IPAD, or TECHNOLOGY, instead it was all about personal strength.  It was really cool.  

It was a fun day because as boondoggers (word that means the outskirts of the world? can't really remember the right word) from Manteca had to drive to Sacramento for the conference.  It was really fun because Hermana V and I hit up a gas station to buy apple gummies in honor of receiving Apple products, but they didn't have any.  So I bought gummies shaped like dinosaurs in honor of leaving the dinosaur age!! haha. 

We decided as a district to stop and eat at Chick Filet and while we were there this couple bought us all dollar ice-cream cones as a surprise!  It was really cool. 

Speaking of Districts, I saw all of my district that was in the Mexico MTC together!!!  

Here we were nearly a year ago:

And here we are now nearly a yearish later!  

We had  another set of interviews with president this week and it was really good.  I was a little worried about some things, and he provided the way.  Sometimes when I am with him, I feel like an investigator, and he is the missionary because the cycle is the same.  Haha now I have some homework.

Exxxxxo finished reading in his Book of Mormon!!  He no longer has kidney stones either!  Wow what a great week that is!  He is a quieter person and our principles of the gospel teacher has fire in his eyes when he teaches.  He is REALLY good, but sometimes he can be intimidating.  But anyways I was watching Exxxxo during the class and he pulls out a nice brand new notebook that he had bought and there were notes written all over it.... HE HAD STUDIED THE CLASS BEFORE HE CAME!!  He is amazing I tell you. 

Other stuff:
- Sacramento is getting HOT.  
- Had a vegan lunch with TOFU.
- I also ate a tuna (cacti fruit)
- We are meeting with Axxxxxxo again (rapper who graduated this week) so I am excited for him!
- We had the last sports in the morning with Elder Yi because he is off today to see his fam.  Sports will live on!!
- 2 weeks out until transfers and I made my own transfer boards (2, 1 for each mission) 
- I love  being a missionary!  I can't believe how fast time is flying by!! EL TIEMPO VUELLAAAAA!

Hermana Sheffer 

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