Saturday, March 14, 2015


Our lives have had a connection even though we didn't know it!  I spoke in church on Sunday as well and my talk was boring too!  YAY!!  I was so proud because I wrote it (WITHOUT A COMPUTER) (IN SPANISH)  and I was so excited to get up there which is NOT normal.  And I talked my talk about how obedience brings joy and having joy in the journey and it ROCKED.  Then I sat down and the other missionary wrote me a note that said.  "You talked for 14 minutes" ...... I was supposed to talk for 8...  After my talk everyone was restless, and we went overtime in sacrament :)  As disappointing as it felt at first to be one of those people who just talk and talk and make sacrament go over..... I DON'T CARE!!!  I TALKED IN SACRAMENT IN SPANISH and WASN'T SCARED!  So ya. EMILY JUMPED A HURDLE OF HER LIFE.  Be proud (in a humble sort of way) :)
I also wanted to apologize for my ungratefulness concerning the manner of letters.  I received a lot more letters this week and your chip package (so cute). Thank you a lot.  I also got your letter mom!  I felt really ungrateful because you don't know a super ton of my mission and what I choose to write is pathetic whining!  You really don't have to send my more letters!  I have a reputation for being very well supported and I am super grateful!!  I have just kind of had a freakout transfer and kind of went irrational haha.  Lo siento :) 
The coolest person I met this week was a young man named Axxxxxxo.  He is 18 years old and a christian rapper.  He showed  us some of his stuff and I was like STOP my missionary eaarrrrsss..... but then it was ok.  It was about how he overcame trials through reading the Bible and it was interesting!  He said he would get baptized if he knew these things were true!  I told him that the things we talk about he is going to WANT to write a rap about haha he thought that was funny.  So get ready I might help baptize the first Mormon rapper.  
I asked two people to be baptized this week and they said yes!!  We arranged them to get a ride to Tracy for church and we all showed up and they didn't answer the door!!  I blame daylight savings time!!!  I WILL HAVE SOMEONE COME TO CHURCH IF ITS THE LAST THING I DOOOO.  Curse daylight savings!!!!!!!!! It's the worst! 

Also in part of my slow progress of becoming vegan I made a big step in my life.  I opened and cracked my very own coconut!!!  Basically an islander.  In the process I sliced my thumb open on the shell and have a 2 inch gash on my thumb hahahaha.  Worth it!  Hermana Gomez was eating lunch with us so it was really fun to have her expertise because I had no idea how I was supposed to open it!  It includes putting it in plastic bags and banging it against the ground a lot of times.  Good time.  
Also we were doing service on the ranch again this week and we were digging the little holes to put the fence posts in.  And there was a bunch of plants around us.  And Rxxxxl just grabs one with his hand and hands it to one of the Elders and he holds it for like 2 seconds and then yells and drops it.  hahahaha. Rxxxxl had handed him some stinging nettle to hold. He laughed and laughed at the Elder.  It reminded me of how Grandpa and Uncle Burke can just basically grab fire with their hands and it doesn't hurt.  It was funny though because I had coconut cut on my thumb and he had a stinging nettle burn on his thumb.

I LOVE CALIFORNIA AND BEING A MISSIONARY.  There are a lot of hard things but I know who I am I know God's plan and I have an awesome family!  

Seriously I am just so grateful for the person that I am.  I am an eternal being and I will dedicate my life for the better (both bettering of myself...... AND THE WORLD!!!)! haha that is supposed to be really dramatic!  
We are all excited to get together as a whole mission this week and listen to Elder Bednar speak.  I am really excited!  Good week ahead!! Then only one more week until transfers again???!!! crazy!

MOM AND DAD AND LIZZY AND REE AND NATHAN AND JULI AND GPA AND GMA I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.  Thanks for the pictures and everything too mom.  I LOVED ALL THE PICTURES.  I LOVED to see your beautiful faces!  I LOVED the picture of Liz and Ree in the hall of the school (the dance one).  CLASSIC picture for the rest of their lives!! Also the Las Vegas one.  I love pictures and I am buying an iphone or something no matter what when I get back.  I feel OUT of the loop but not at the same time.  I leave and everyone gets i-phones??!  What is going on here?! 
Tell Nathan I would follow him on Instagram.  HOW MANY INCHES HAS HE GROWN????  He looks like he stretched out hard core!!  He looks way taller!?
Also TAYLOR'S engagement pictures are PERFECT.  Holy cow I love them.  I didn't think I would ever want pictures while it was happening, but changed my mind - he did way good!!  I am so excited for her!!!! 
So many cool things happening!  Lots of good stuff here in Manteca too!  I hope you all have a super good week and get done everything you want and know I am thinking about you :) 
Love from Hermana Sheffers heart,

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