Monday, February 23, 2015

February 23 - el BAUTISMO de BXXXXo

This isn't the best picture... but there was a lot of craziness going on.  I didn't even get a picture with Bxxxx0..... aaaahhh.
So these are all the missionaries that have taught Bxxxxo that got baptized yesterday.  He lives in Manteca so I was able to teach him the lessons again before he got baptized.  He is awesome!  

We showed up an hour before the baptism to set up the church, decorate, and organize.  Wipe all the fingerprints off the font glass, you know important stuff.  When we arrived we quickly realized that the font coordinator hadn't come and the font was empty.  Usually it takes over an hour, close to two hours to fill... I was a little panicked.  We didn't have keys to the font either.  I was hurdling the glass of the font to get it going but Hermana Cavazos wouldnt let me.  The Elders rushed over and they hurdled the glass to start the water going.  At this point we had 40 minutes until it started. :( So Hermana Gomez had the idea to find buckets and start filling the font by hand in addition to the water running.  So for 40 minutes all of us missionaries were running back and forth from the kitchen to the baptismal font trying to fill it...HHHHHHHAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAA.  IT WAS THE WORST!!!  But hilarious at the same time. 

But it gets better.  President Jardine and his wife showed up!!   Seriously they thought it was hilarious, but we were able to bring it back together and I just felt so much peace and I know that Bxxxxxo loved it.  He has been taught for 2 years and some hard circumstances have led him to the church.  He is amazing and I feel like I am supposed to be here a little bit for him.  Reason? He is exactly like Grandpa Taylor.  They have the same mannerisms.  Don't know if that's true but I like to think it.  Regardless we are going to be good friends.  He said when I ever visit again with my family make sure to tell him so they can prepare some food for us.  They are awesome and you are all going to meet him and his wife!!! 

Memorable night regardless haha. 

Had to take a picture of all the trees because it is AMAZING!!! Picture these trees for EVER.  It is soooo pretty :) 

Some fun things is that I was able to talk to another missionary who is serving in North Sac right now.  She said that Bxxxa is doing amazing.  She said that Bxxxa is a visiting teacher now, and that she has been going to visit her person once a week.  She didn't know that she only had to do it once a month so she has been going as often as she could :) :)  She is so awesome!!!!!
I love her.  I guess her and her family are getting their patriarchal blessings and are excited!!

This is a picture of 
Elders Yi, Rindlisbacher, Campbell, us, Stone, Peterson, Weber

I think this picture is hilarious. CANDID. HA HA

I was able to go an exchanges to LODI again this week.  I love Lodi a lot. 

 I went with Hermana Moffett and she is inspirational.  It made me miss Hermana Skidmore.  But it was just a really happy day.  We ate a new chocolate bar I have never tried aaaaannnnnnnddddddd she gave me MY HOODIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am now the official owner of this Mexican made hoodie.  It is like the one dad has.  I basically cried I was so excited and I have been wearing it all week.  Its been fun! 

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