Tuesday, February 17, 2015

January 26 - They were having a baby!

We are official.  Last Pday we bought an aloe vera plant. 

Most houses that we decide to knock on have aloe vera plants outside.

It is an indicator.  They love plants... I love them. 

One time we saw a lady whack off a leaf/stem/arm of this plant and drink its juices. So I STARTED A NEW TRADITION!  Along with wearing the Stockton sombrero that has been passed and worn by the generations,

every time you leave Stockton you drink some aloe vera!  We will probably wait because it is still small, but still! I am excited.

DAD!  Stockton isn't really scary!  Weeelll at least where I am.  It is almost exactly like North Sacramento but I LOVE IT.  We live right next to a delta (probs where they dump the bodies) and it is really cool because there are lots of boats and machinery.  It is also like old town California.  All the houses are different too.  I want to start a home pinterest board, but I don't know if it would be too weird to be taking pictures of peoples houses.  Probably illegal or something!  Also there is a college!  The Pacific.  I remember when I was on my going to college somewhere near the ocean kick so I can surf, I looked at this university!  And now I drive past it everyday!  It is fun.  I love California though!  I got to go to Lodi this week for exchanges!  It was really cool because it is the place where grapes are grown.  So I saw field after field of grapes vine plant things.  It was awesome!  It was also really cool because there were trains driving through the town all night!  I loved it.  We are going to go visit their pulga when we are next in Sacramento together because I hear it is AMAZING! 

Remember that guy who was marking in his Book of Mormon? Ya we passed him off to the young single adult ward so he can grow in that environment.  We have now sworn to not teach anyone who speaks English again because it is painful passing off people!!  We are teaching a man named Jxxe Sxxxxxz.  He speaks SO FAST and SO MUMBLED that after each lesson Hermana Shawcroft and I just look at each other.  It will be a miracle/inside joke forever if this guy gets baptized because we don't understand him at all.  But I love our lessons because we always walk over to the park and talk.  I always feel happy.  

We are teaching an amazing family of parents and 2 young boys, a toddler girl, and she is expecting another baby.  They were planning on coming to church but the Saturday before they didn't answer anything from us and didn't show up to church so we figured she was having her baby.  It was funny because every time someone didn't answer us or a lesson fell through we figured that they were having a baby.  Ya it was funny.  But she really wasn't having her baby so.... not too funny :(  But good times.  

Lots of love, wish mom a quick improvement of health, and give everyone a hug for me!

Love Hermana Sheffer!

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