Tuesday, February 17, 2015


 This week was amazing.  There are going to be just a lot of little stories that I can think and type as fast as I can.  ENJOY.

I am 6 months old! In honor of turning 6 months old Hermana Shawcroft and I made waffles. We gave a nod to the CCM in Mexico by using Nutella! Six months ago we entered the CCM together.  I wore my Harry Potter shirt I bought myself at WalMart for Christmas!

Also I ate a Totino's Pizza ( the first one since my college days) in honor of a momentous day! (Don't worry I only ate ONE!)

We do service two times a week at Stockton's Habitat for Humanity.  We sort and tape, and clean and organize.  I LOVE IT.  Partly because I find super cool old stuff and also all the money goes to making people houses!  I love serving there.  I am completely remodeling my house with second hand stuff and my first couch I will ever buy, I have decided, will come from a second hand store.  HAHA.  There was a yellow floral one that came in the other day and I loved it.  But anyways in honor of our birthday we also bought habitat for humanity shirts to wear when we go so we are more official!  

We met a new person to teach!  We knocked on his door and he answered and ya.  New investigator.  Fun how that happens sometimes.  His name is David.  He is in his 20's and was in the military! He is going to college right now at Pacific College.  But he is really awesome!  He is super into studying and is really believing everything we tell him!  We had a not super great lesson with him, but he still said he is going to read the Book of Mormon we gave him.  It was funny because this morning he texted us and asked "Ok, I never asked you or not, but is it ok if I highlight in my Book or Mormon?" We were like "Claro que si!!!" HE IS SO AWESOME! 

Funny story.  Hermana Shawcroft and I were trying to figure out our route one night in the car.  We had our map out and everything just looking, when all of sudden our back door opens...  I was like STOCKTON ATTACKS! AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH.  We whip around and there is this lady trying to get into our car.  She sees  us and starts saying sorry sorry sorry.  She only spoke spanish. Ha we speak spanish! So we got her house number!  She thought her ride had pulled up to come get her and just walked right into our car haha.  Car broken into.  But that's the scariest Stockton has got for me.  We were like yes! God works in crazy ways! But we went back to visit her and when the people answered the door, weed smoke came out in a fume from the house.... not interested...bummer... but maybe later!  There is a reason we have her address! And know about her!!

Alright so the last thing. BUT THE BEST.  Bxxxx, Jxxx Lxxx, Jxxxx and Junior got Baptized!  It was the best day of my whole mission.  I came back to my home.  I saw all of the companions that I had ever had. My apartment sisters. The whole ward was there that I love, and more than anything this amazing family got baptized!!  This is what missions are for.   I know I had absolutely nothing to do with that.  But I am so grateful for the relationship I have been able to make.  This family is BEAUTIFUL.  I am one lucky missionary!  

I had really missed everyone.  Axxxxxx said he had missed me, and he would always wave me over to where he was haha.   

I was just so happy to see them.  
I cried a bit I had so much joy.
I am so lucky! 
I am so excited for them.  They are going to be a workhorse power of good in the world! I love them so much!

Anyways!  I love you all, and I hope you have a good week!  Remember mother earth and eat some vegetables this week!  Be green!  
Read your scriptures!  Everyday!
Pray every day!
Be happy!!!

Love Hermana Sheffer

I miss him so much!

I got to see Sister Gomez again!

My two favorite people of my mission of all time!

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