Monday, January 12, 2015

January 12 - Miracle Missionary Moments

So today I received the best text ever from the APs:

"Will you please let Hermana Sheffer know this: Dear hermana Sheffer, you are formally invited to the best day of your mission.  Bxxxx and Jxxx Lxxx and the kids will be getting baptized on January 17th at 6 PM promptly after their wedding.  Please wear purple.  Love you! -Hermana Cuesta and Hurley"
Bxxxx, Jxxx Lxxx, Jxxxx, and Junior. Axxxxxx is too young.  I miss them so much and I am so happy to have known them! I am so happy!

Their story is a miracle and she has been a powerhouse through so much!  She is an amazing mom and I love her kids so much! 

Another missionary miracle is that someone in my new ward, who I barely know, offered to drive me to North Sacramento so that I can be there!  I want to be a saint when I grow up like all these amazing people. I am so excited for this weekend that I can hardly stand it. 

I am so grateful to be a missionary and see these little miracles every day... to see how everything works together and how the gospel and truth guides peoples lives.  I cant even say what I am trying to.  But I just feel really grateful that I was able to experience this in my life.  They are helping me in my life.  

The church is true folks! 

Hermana Sheffer

This is the biggest dog I have ever before seen in my entire life.  It liked me a lot.

It was SO NICE.  It was just the sweetest calmest dog ever.  I want him.

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