Monday, January 12, 2015



We didn't hear from Emily on Monday, December 22nd... we assumed she didn't have a P-Day due to the holiday being later in the week, like it was at Thanksgiving. We missionary parents are slowly learning the ropes here!! HA

We originally did not think Emily would be able to Skype on Christmas Day. We were told she would be able to call on the phone her companionship shares.  We were so surprised to find out that she would get to Skype after all.  HAPPY HAPPY DAY.

Skyping with Emily was the best experience ever.  I get teary even thinking about it.  She seriously looked like an angel.  We beamed up her picture on the wall so we could all see her.  She brought her palm tree to show us... and was wearing the palm tree socks we got her as well. She is SO FUNNY.  Emily is so quiet and shy until you get to know her. She is so worth the effort.

We tried to figure out how to record the whole thing but when the technology didn't immediately work we abandoned the effort as we didn't know how much time we'd have with Emily.

I did record a few little clips, listed below. I wished I would have recorded more but it is enough to be able to play these and hear her voice every once in a while.

The first clip starts in the middle of a story. We had asked Emily how she spent Christmas Eve. She told the story that they were playing soccer or something like that in the gym at the church when one of the sisters in her apartment got hit in the face with a ball... knocking out a tooth.

They quickly called a dentist and were told they could do certain things but it was recommended that they glue the tooth back in for now with superglue. So the elders ran to the store and got superglue and etc and brought it back for the procedure....  click below to hear the rest of the story.

It was the best Christmas present ever to get to talk to her Christmas Day. SO HAPPY.

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