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The missionary thing is going great.  I am a tough cookie I tell you (sorry I am a raincloud sometimes) Sometimes I sleep on it and then everything is better and I feel really stupid for saying anything.  So sorry about that.  Disregard anytime I have every been low because I am doing just fine.

Yes I am picking oranges from a real live orange tree. BEST DAY EVER.

Let's talk skyping. I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE YOU ALL. I AM SO EXCITED TO HEAR YOU ALL.  I AM SO SO SO EXCITED! I will be doing it at Bishops house probably early afternoon.  I will have him send you a text or something.  Are your numbers all still the same?

Items of business:
I will be sending you Christmas presents today! I am so excited for you to get them! Get excited! I am also doing a christmas card, will you send me addresses of Crowthers/Kellee/Crimins/Hendersons/home teacher man Lambson (he sends me emails sometimes:))People like that really quick.  Not if it is a huge hassle though. That is all!

I have some crazy things to tell you.

First off the solo espanol was a pact I made with myself when I was with Hermana Skidmore.  I xEMILY NOELLE SHEFFER promised that I would speak only espanol in the car.  Everytime I didn't I had to put a punishment mark.  If I have punishment marks at the moment we go to McDonalds I can not buy icecream. To not have punishment marks I have to memorize one vocabulary word to redeem each mark.  I am telling you, I haven't eaten icecream from mcdonalds in a long time.  I am holding true to my covenants! Which is probably a good thing, because those dollar ice cream cones are soooo good. 

It is really getting cold here in Sacramento.  I have been wearing my raincoat + liner for a couple days straight now.  There was such a big storm this week that they were warning us to have our safety kits with us and to have candles ready for the electricity going out.  They said that there was going to be major flooding, and to not drive through any puddles because you don't know how deep they are.  It was pretty cool but nothing like Mexico.  It was just constant raining for 3-4 days!! They almost canceled the temple trip on Thursday because of it but they didn't!!

Downton Sac on the way to the temple!

The temple was really amazing! It flew by.  I was super excited because we went thriftstore shopping and we all wore really old but cute dresses for Christmas! We did our hair and everything.  It was really fun. I got to see Hermana fly again and almost everyone from the CCM.  We ate a Christmas dinner in the church and we listened to each zone do a musical number.  We sang the "The First Noel" with a Spanish verse, a uke verse (I almost played, but then they decided to only do one uke) (after many hours of practicing in the car, but that's ok it sounded awesome anyways) and then an alternate verse about missionary work.  The temple is beautiful and is my favorite temple.  We are going to see it together someday!

My awesome advent calendar
I LOVE the advent calendar.  It isn't entirely Christmas so I am going to hang it up by my desk the rest of my mission.  I love looking up the scriptures and I am making a scripture chain in my scriptures.  I love the pictures too.  Oh and the Christmas tree is awesome! My comps are getting really into it too.  We have been putting pictures on it and drawing things.  It is perfect.  I have to send you a pictures of our gratitude board to so you can see how cool it is.

Out gratitude board so far. It is still going.
Exciting news from North Sac: Bxxxa and Jxxe Lxxs are going to get married! (ok that is entirely according to me) but I can feel it happening.  She and her family have been coming to the church for 5 weeks now.  That is unheard of in my whole mission life.  We just have to work through marriage and smoking.  She got a blessing from the Bishop and she has really cut down on her smoking.  Her favorite book in the whole world is Gospel Principles that dad taught.  That book is what she reads every night.  Her son Axxxxxy is my favorite person ever.  We are the best buddies.  I will send a picture of him.

Axxxxxx. He is 4 years old and super cute.
Gxxxxxxa is also working on getting married.  She is still loving the church! There have been a lot of things happen this week in our area, and I love North Sac. I DO NOT WANT TO LEAVE.  But they say that you never stay in the area you train in.  WAAAHHH.  We will have to see what happens because I love where I am.  We sang Hark the Herald Angels sing in Spanish for a stake Christmas singing concert and I was just so happy.  Basically the whole ward was singing, and we rocked it.  It was a really good time. 

Other favorite time this week.  We went caroling as a Relief Society activity to our investigators and recent converts.  They LOVED it.  It was so fun to see everyone cheer up so much.  I love caroling! As missionaries we were supposed to make sure everyone was home, but I totally forgot.  So while we were leading the whole chain of people to the next person I was calling them like crazy to make sure they were home but not ruin the surprise as well.  I called Cxxxxxi ( anew member) probably 12 times until she answered.  When she finally did, I asked her if she was in her house and she said si, and then I said que Bueno, and hung up.  Then we surprised her and she thought it was the FUNNIEST thing.  It was a really good night. 

Ward Christmas Party
Also my favorite food from the mission is PUPUSAS!!! we made them with Gxxxxxxa last week (my first time ever) and I have been craving them.  We went to a small restaurant to eat them again and I ordered completely in espanol!  You should google them and make them sometime! Or wait til I get home and I will help you!

Us making homemade pupusas. PIcture pancakes and hotpockets and Costa Vida. IN ONE!
Gxxxxxxa's house and children. And me and Hna Cuesta with the pupusas!
I never heard the update on mom and everything.  Is she better yet? How is everyone's stress level? I just want to tell you that you and mom are the best examples ever, and you are saints.  I am so lucky to have you as parents.  Seriously.   I just want to get back from my mission and clean the house and cook for you guys.  And I am being serious if that tells you how much I appreciate it.  I just call digs in taking care of you over a old people center.  You two are champs.  Thank you for working so hard all the time. Tell mom thanks a million times for the packages and give her a tackle hug for me.  Actually about that tackle hug if she is still feeling neck strain do a little hug around her neck, like massaging not strangling.  Anyways....

So we were told as a zone to meet together at the church at 8 o'clock so that we could receive exciting news from President.  We were all freaking out.  Everyone thought for sure that we were getting i-pads.  That is pretty much what I had decided too so I was already planning out my lesson picture folders and Spanish flashcard apps.  But Hermana Cuesta and I had to call him to get permission to go to D.I. with Bxxxa and he said yes.  We told him that he could just tell us now.  He said, "Yes, I could but I can promise you it is not anything you are thinking".  So we were like WHAT? Not i-pads then because that is what EVERYONE is thinking. So we went into the meeting with our zone and did a giant conference call with the whole mission.

Favorite quotes:
"We are getting segways!"
"This is when they announce the second coming."

It was really fun anticipating what it was.  So here is the exciting news.  Thomas S Monson and the twelve Apostles have given permission to open the Modesto California mission.  This will be a new mission taking from the Sacramento CA and Fresno CA missions.  This will take effect July 15, 2015.  Each missionary will be reassigned to whichever mission the upcoming months.

WHATWHATWHAT!  My mission just got split in half!  Work is progressing! So everything south of Lodi zones is no longer in my mission.  I might be reassigned to Modesto California.  So the Sacramento mission in reality is the city of Sacramento.  Pure city.  The other one is all the field workers and small towns.  I really hope I can still serve down there in Galt and Lodi before I get reassigned or whatever happens.  Because I hear that those areas are really fun because the people are just so humble.  It is craziness I tell you.  I might get reassigned! But Sacramento will always be where I got my call!  I don't know where I would want to go, so I am just not going to think about it but it is kind of like having a mission call all over again! 

 I love Christmas time as a missionary.
That is the card we are handing out to everyone.

My planner cover for the New Year!
My favorite music from this week is Andy Williams Christmas!

My palm tree is doing great!
I am loving my mission!
The Church is true!
The book is Blue!
I love you all and I'm excited (say it again) to see you!
Hermana Sheffer

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