Monday, December 1, 2014


I have been growing (ok haha I just put growing instead of "going"but it is too good to delete) GOING through a little bit of a weird time losing Hermana Skidmore, and having to man my area, and wanting to love everyone and have everything be good still.  

Saying Goodbye to Sister Skidmore. Wow that was hard.
I am feeling extremely stressed out.  But everything is great because Hermana Cuesta is here and everyone is loving her and she makes me laugh so much.  This week has some awesome highlights.

<<highlight reel>>

HIGHLIGHTONE:  Rod our handyman told me that I can dig up the baby palm tree that is growing in our bushes <<scream>> Dream come true right here!!  Proud owner of a Californian palm tree.  Legacy.  

HIGHLIGHT TWO: Angeles watches little girls who are around the ages 2-3.  One of the knows my name and calls me Sheffer.  Angeles has taught them how to pray and she was praying and she said "please bless Sheffer and please bless her family" in her cute little 3 year old voice.  I was crying it was so cute.  Just know that you are being prayed for!  

HIGHLIGHT THREE:  Hermana Cuesta is funny.  I didn't know where we were going so there is this round-about and she just drove around and around until I had figured it out...  like 3 times... and one unnecessarily :)

HIGHLIGHT FOUR:  I was having a stressful moment.  I am feeling a lot of pressure.  My heart was hurting.  I said, "I have strain in my heart" in a whisper voice.  Hermana Cuesta took it as my scream-o voice and started yelling, "I'VE GOT STRAIN IN MY HEART STRAIN IN MY HEART!!  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
We are now a scream-o band.  Hahaha.  

HIGHLIGHT FIVE:  BXXXXa is doing awesome!  She is working on not smoking and she said she was googling Mormons and watched "The Other Side of Heaven".  She was so into it that she didn't smoke the whole movie! hahahaha.  

<<end of highlight reel>>

Right now my biggest problem is knowing the material so I am starting operation learn Preach MY Gospel.  

Exxxxxxxh told us that she has received an answer for herself that this is not the church for her.   She was praying about gay people and the Church and got a burning in her stomach. She took that as her answer and doesn't want to get baptized.  This was really hard for me because every time we see her we are promising her that she will receive an answer and it was just hard to see her get that answer.  She isn't going to take the discussions anymore.  For a 12 year old girl she is really in this world.  Like she thinks a lot about everything.  She is really smart.  She is really sweet. She is good and understands love.   I hope that everything goes well with her.  It was interesting because while that was happening in the lesson Hermana Gomez texted her from her home to talk to her.  I know that that was a miracle right there and I wished I could call her and tell her all that happened so she could know.  But It was definitely a little miracle for me.  I don't know it is confusing.  But that night I read a scripture that said "I do not know all things, but the Lord knoweth all things, which are to come.  Wherefore He worketh in me to do according to His will." It was just an answer to a prayer, because I was really upset.  I am sure everything will work out with her like it is supposed to.   

Anyways tell everyone hi and thanks for everything and the emails and the packages.
Have a great time in Park City!!

My Thanksgiving Package. Seriously Mom you are so cool!

Contents of turkey

Thanks for the Gratitude Board. Everyone has been writing on it!

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