Wednesday, November 19, 2014

NOVEMBER 17 - The turning of a new page

NOTE FROM SONJA (all notes from me are in BOLD):  When Emily says HERMANA or HNA she means SISTER.

Ok there is quite a bit to say, but I only have time to type for a bit because I want to send pictures!!!

We did a photo shoot and I am haaapppyyy.  Get ready to be blown away.

So the exciting news about my missionary life: I have a new companion starting tomorrow!

I am remaining in North Sac (YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY) and my new companion will be Hermana Cuesta! 

Fun facts about her.

o        She is the first Hermana that Hermana Skidmore ever trained!
o        She is currently companions with Hermana Fly who was my MTC companion.
o        She likes to recycle and wants to be a conservation officer!
o        She grew up speaking Spanish, but she is from Virginia!
o        She is hilarious and has lots of energy!
o        She likes to eat healthy!

Let’s just say I am excited! As excited as I can be even though HNA SKIDMORE IS LEAVING!! :( 

For the past 23 days she has said at least once she feels like she is dreaming and I am with her lately. 

So weird how things change so fast! But I am so grateful to have learned the ways from Hermana Skidmore.  She has taught me above anything to work the hardest you can… the kind of work you can only do if you have faith in the Lord and yourself and in every single person that you see. 

I love your pictures with the missionary moms.  I want to say that I am also loving being a missionary.  I am done being sad on myself.  I am trying and I am learning a ton out here, and that is what counts.  I am going to work on my relationships with other people like reaching out more.  I love all the experiences that I am having.  I am so blessed to be with the perfect people in the perfect mission in the perfect place.  Thanks for the pick me ups always.  I love getting your letters.

I LOVE NATER IN HIS SUIT!  I am so proud, even when he does fist bumps in front of the whole congregation.  He did it when he was baptized, and when he got the priesthood, and now he needs to do it when he gets his mission call and then........ When he gets married!! That would be soo cute! Tell him to plan on it!

We were all coordinating because it was Hnna Skidmores last Sunday and we sang a song in church!  We rocked it.  One of the elders is like Jordan Pearson and everyone was like WOW. 

Tell dad he makes me laugh super hard. 
Ok maybe more later!

Have a great week!

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