Monday, November 17, 2014

NOVEMBER 10 - liame (email for dyslexic people)

So soo many things are happening, and you guys get probably one hundredth part of what I want (anyone.... get it?.... anyone?) but some pretty exciting things happened so here is what's happening!

Gxxxxxxa is not really an investigator anymore.  We will still visit and see her occasionally but we are not teaching her.  She has only been coming to the activities, and doesn't really want to come to church.  It is really sad to leave her, but there is someone out there who will want to come to everything so putting our faith forward!  Funny story is that her son Axxxx got a popcorn kernel stuck in his nostril and was freaking out.  (HAHAHA) when you ask him about the story he says "Estoy mucho mejor" haha.

The Sxxxx familia is just working ALL the time, and especially on Sundays.  We can never find a time to meet with them.  We are always going to see them occasionally though because she is a member so that is good.

So this is the story of the week.  Soo cool.  So we received a referral from the English Elders (they send us a TON of good referrals). They said that the lady was basically chasing them down to learn more about the church.  So we were super excited and scheduled to stop by her house.  A couple hours before we were going to go visit her we get a call directly from her  asking when we were going to stop by!! Crazy!! We were super excited to go see her. 

So we drive to our appointment with her and when we saw the house..... we recognized it.  This was one of the first weeks that I was here that we had visited this house.  We had taught doorstep lesson to the husband about prayer and he said he though it was interesting and wanted to learn more.  We kept trying to come back but we could never get a hold of him.  First off every time we went to his house his wife would very bluntly say "we are not interested. Sorry we don't have time. I am Catholic and my daughter is doing her first communion soon." Stuff like that.  We tried a couple times but eventually stopped because we figured he was experiencing strong opposition from his wife. 

We opened the door and IT WAS HER.  She is like come in!  I was in shock!  I could not believe I was her.  Later in the lesson she was like, I bet you never thought I would do this after all the times I told you to go away.  HAHA. 

Basically she is a miracle.  Something happened at her church and she doesn't even want to go anymore! She didn't even go to her daughter’s first communion! Crazy.

We invited her to a baptism, She came.  We invited her to church the next day.  She came.  She brought her whole family! And she walked out with a Gospel Principles manual because she loved the lesson so much.  Must have been a blessing in disguise, because she loved it and wanted to learn more. She is on fire.  She even invited one of her catholic girlfriends (who funny enough, we also know haha) to the Thanksgiving dinner!  I am so excited I can't even tell you!

Also this week I would like to honor my trainer Hermana Skidmore.  For her diligence, hard work, love, patience, virtue, knowledge, temperance, “Hermana-erly” kindness, and humility…and because she turned her driving privileges over to me.  I am working on getting to know our area better so I can lead it.  That is love I tell you people.  If you ever have the chance visit her blog, she is amazing!

Also I would love to say I was ALMOST successfully vegan.  I can report more later, but I am feeling great, and I love the idea of a plant based diet.  Yes I will have to tell you more later, because I got to go.

Love you all!
Hermana Sheffer

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