Monday, December 1, 2014



I love you all so much.  Seriously when I think of how great you are it makes me want to cry.  I am seriously really thankful for you everyday.  

GRATITUDE HASHTAG list! Jimmy Fallon worthy.... just kidding.

#hnaporter plays this game where you fill a thimble up with water.  You then pick a topic and it is like 20 questions.  You go around in the circle and try to guess what the person in the middle has in their head.  If you win you get water in your face.  


We played this as a zone for Thanksgiving.  Hahaha fun times in the church!

Hermana Skidmore has returned!


With her whole family!  It was really cool to meet everyone.  Seeing peoples relatives is always fun.  So that is why you look like that and cosas asi.  We were having an FHE with Bxxxxa and her family and we told the Skidmores to get down there so that we could surprise her.  THEY WERE SO SURPRISED! It was a rocking FHE.


Bxxxxx and her whole family came to church! That is the fourth time! They are on fire and LOVE it. Every family has problems but it is great to see the CHANGES that can happen in a famil... more happiness and patience and LOVE MAN.  

Axxxxxy is her 4 year old son and he loves me.  Whenever we go over there he wants me to read him the books he got from the library (which I could do for the rest of my life) but I feel bad about not being there entirely for the lesson so I try to summarize the books and he is like "No the whole thing!"  hahahaha. 

 Also one time he was talking about Hermana Cuesta and he said she was my sister.  I told him that she wasn't actually my sister and he was like "gasp... What?! You have got to be kidding me!" In his cute voice I could not stop laughing.  Her whole family is great.

Funny experience.  Someone said "nice to meet you" to me and I totally thought they were saying Machu Pichu.  HAHA.

To help Bxxxxa out with smoking Hermana Cuesta put pictures of Jesus inside the plastic wrap of her cigarettes to remind her she has help to turn to to resist these temptations..... 

#sacreligious :)

Thanksgiving was really fun.   We played soccer with the Elders for 3 hours straight in the church and I am a bit sore.  It was really fun!

I loved reading your emails!
More next week!
Hermana Sheffer

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