Tuesday, February 17, 2015


I am leaving Stockton.  

Yes I am a liiitttlllee bit sad.

First off because I was not prepared for this.

Second off because I love Stockton.

Third off because I haven't found a bullet shell yet.

Well I guess life goes on! ( with a higher expectancy outside of Stockton ha ha). 

Me with Jxxx Sxxxxxz.  I love his shirt and hat.  He wears this type of shirt all the time.  He is really awesome

I have been called to TRACY EAST, in the Manteca Zone.


So I have traveled from North Sac down to the bottom.

I am really excited because I will be serving in the ward of Hermana Gomez! 

Also Hermana Skidmore served there!

My companera is Hermana Cavasos.  I don't know a lot about her, but she was in English work and got switched to Spanish work, but she knows Spanish pretty well.  So lots of good stuff.  

I think they are getting ready for the mission split because they are going crazy combining zones and and I am going to be covering 2 areas down there.  Just lots of crazy switches. Lots of crazy things.  But I am excited to just keep working on.  I know that Stockton has been good for me for a lot of reasons and I have had some of the best times on my mission here.  I am really sad to leave, but I am excited to start over again.  I am going to make Manteca my home!  

Our last picture together! District 5C Represent! I am going to miss her and Stockton!

Favorite memory of this week.  We eat dinner every week with a Hermana named Hermana Towns.  If I could pin her to a person I know, it would be Grandpa Sheffer.  Just genuinely good and lively and funny.  

She loves music so we decided to sing a song.  We were singing and she was like yelling because she was so into and waving her hands and telling us to sing louder.  "RENDIRE !!.....MI CORAZON!!.....EN SECRETA!!.......ORACION!!......GANARE!!..... EL GALLARDON!!.....EN SECRETA ORACION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I was yelling and the three of us were just yelling and getting into it.  Good times. 

Well that's it until next week folks! I am happy to be a missionary and I regret every time I feel sad because I know that everything is just to help me learn something about myself, and to improve!  I really want to improve this next transfer!  I want to become a real missionary, and I know I can do it.  I really want to be happy.  So I am excited for the times to come! HAPPINESS is coming my way.  I am going to choose it and all that jazz.

LOVE LOTS https://mail.google.com/mail/e/ezweb_ne_jp/7E6

Hermana Sheffer


I will wave at Juliana from CA.

My weather IS like that all the time.  I am moving to California for the rest of my life.  I LOVE it.

I can't believe Lizzy finished 4 years of drill team! wow.  Tell them good job!

Saying goodbye to the geese!

Last day in Stockton Yogurtland tradition!! ASL sisters and DANA.  She takes us all out last day of transfer!

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