Monday, November 30, 2015



I was grateful for all of you this Thanksgiving.  

This past Monday we had an amazing lesson with a family that I may have talked about before, a family that was very active in the church but later switched to an indian faith.  To be honest sometimes I was scared to go to their house because I don't want to get defensive of what I believe because that never helps, and ya because my trial with them is just to love them even though I felt like they were disregarding the truth.  I talked to the Hermano and I can see one of the blessings of being in this area so long is that people are used to me and they trust me a little more, it's not just "repeat the same story" over and over again to all the sets of missionaries that come through.  I read a scripture that talked about the love of God and we had an amazing discussion that has really changed my life.  This love of God is unexplainable I guess.  He explained about how he feels God's love, and how his testimony has grown of it since he left the church.  I feel like I had a peek of what the purpose behind what we do really is.  Like the love of God encompasses it all.  Its hard to explain I guess :)  But it was an amazing sneak peak, and I trusted a little more in God even with His less active families.  He knows what's going on.  

This Monday we played football as a zone and it was SO FUN!  I love this zone so much!  Our team won, and the elders had bought a nine yard box of Snickers for the prize.  We were crazy.  I was sore ALL week.  It was the best.

I also bought an "It's it" from a gas station.  Those are a mission tradition and are sooo good.  

We had a council this week as a mission and I learned so much.  It was just a happy love of God kind of week.   

The Elders also came and left hot chocolate on the hood of our car.  We are neighbors with the Elders which is awesome. 


So Thanksgiving was great.  First we went over to Lxxxxe's house and ate breakfast with her, and then helped her make a salad. It was her and Rxxl and us all chopping up nuts and fruits and tossing it in a giant bowl.  We talked about weird phrases in spanish and english that make no sense.  It was a beautiful moment.  I LOVE LxxxxE AND RxxL.  

I brought a banana creme pie!!  I MADE IT BY MYSELF! MY FIRST PIE EVER!  

We went to the store to buy some of the ingredients and a really nice man bought the ingredients for us!!!  It was a Thanksgiving Miracle!  

I made 2, one for Lxxxx and family, and one for the dinner we were going to have at night.  It wasn't very good looking because the pudding didn't settle and so it was liquidy (i used almond milk was the only difference) but we just froze it and it turned out ok!!  It was so much fun.  

Thursday morning two wards had a turkey bowl and we went and played.  It was beautiful and I love football.  I love happy people.  We wore our new BYU shirts! Hna Carpenter was at the mission office when I got the BYU package and we both reminisced over BYU while eating delicious BYU popcorn.

Elder King (my neighbor)/ Bancroft (district leader)/ Hopkin / Lopez (in my ward) / Spilsbury / Aburto (in Manteca biking) / Hogan (her companion) / Sheffer / Yuson from the Phillipines / Moreno (also in my ward) / Jones / Grover. These people are hilarious.

After football we came home and studied and then went and visited some less actives.  Then we had a traditional Thanksgiving dinner and played a thimble full of water and it was a good time!  It was a beautiful Thanksgiving!  

The new Christmas video is exciting!  It is way better in english than in spanish though.  That little girl is adorable.  I am not in love with it, but I still feel the spirit so that is good! 

Well my invention of genius of the week is I made a grilled cheese sandwich using coconut oil instead of butter.  It is sweetly delicious.

I also am studying Doctrine and Covenants right now and it is good.  I also started from Genesis again.  I want to finish the bible someday soon.  

I wanted to say thanks for the package, and also thanks for the money, I didn't mean to ask for it but I will use it for good purposes!! Thank you so much! Seriously I will be set until I get home.  

But anyway, I am doing ok.  I am a little shocked too that it is almost December.  I am just so busy that times seems slow, but then looking back its like it didn't exist.  

Don't worry about a new debit card for me - I have means now!  

It has been so cold lately, It was 40 degrees the other night! IN CALIFORNIA?!  But we are doing good thanks for everything!


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