Monday, November 2, 2015

NOVEMBER 2 - do I qualify for Manteca citizenship yet?

So this week was super long and stretched out but right now I am so HAPPY!  

I received my call Sunday night that I would be training a new missionary as well as remain a Sister Training Leader (my mother has sixth senses) and that I will be serving in MANTECA.  

I will just say that being in Manteca for a year should automatically qualify you for Manteca citizenship.  I mean I have already met the Mayor, so it should be a piece of cake to get that arranged. I only have 2 transfers left soooo Manteca til the day I die!!!  I was a little shocked, but EXCITED! 

Hermana Carpenter will be going to Modesto 12th branch training a new Sister Training Leader!  Elder Griffin is actually going with her!  So I win the record of being in the same area, I am only behind Hermana Hurley in the most time spent in the ward Monte Vista.  She had a year there as well!

I am super excited because training was the best time of my mission, and I am grateful to spend it here in Manteca with the Christmas spirit, and we have so many people here ready!  It is going to be an amazing 2 transfers!   WWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTT.

I am almost done with the New Testament and I am eating it up!  It is so good!  I feel no difference sometimes between that and reading general conference talks.  Go team apostles.  Apostles are just amazing.  I really like Elder Bednar.  I am just really grateful for the moments I have every morning in the scriptures.  Seriously that hour is the fastest of my whole day and I love it a lot.  

Lxxxxe is still coming to church and I have no doubt that she will be baptized soon.  We are trying to love her husband and help him have good experiences with members and us.  He is really sweet they are the cutest couple ever.

Sad thing that happened this week.  I forgot Exxxxo's birthday, and he got MAD at me... it was not a pleasant experience.  I felt so bad especially because he does so much for our birthdays!  I am going to go buy him an animal tie, and Jesus the Christ on Deseret book.  But still.... sympathize with me, it wasn't pleasant.  haha life.
The best thing I have eaten this week was homemade flour tortilla quesadillas with beans and chili.  I am learning how to make the tortillas so don't worry!  It was on Halloween night before Fast Sunday and I ate so many of them.  I did some damage.  

On Halloween we were told to stay inside, so Hermana Carpenter and I organized our area books.  Then we cleaned.  Then we made planners!! We were keyed up because we were supposed to get our calls Halloween night........ supposed to.  So that was a long night.  We did our facial masks too!  They were awesome! THANKS FOR THE PACKAGE!  Axxxxn one of my favorite Manteca kids ever told us one time he was scared of the dark so we gave him the glow-sticks.  It was so funny he was a black ninja for Halloween, and we were outside his house in the car and he saw us and came out and was trying to sneak like a ninja to the car and we totally saw him but it was the cutest thing ever!  I want a kid like him! You will understand when you meet him!  I got a video recording of him and it is sooo cute. 

So Halloween was weird because we went to bed a little early AND it was daylight savings time.  I got the most sleep I have ever gotten on my mission!  It was weird because I had a VERY vivid dream where I was getting married to an Elder in our Manteca Zone in a very big Catholic church! hahaha.  That is the most vivid marriage dream I have ever had! I loved that Elder a lot in my dream, and I really don't in real life.....  I THINK MY MIND IS GOING TRUNKY! TRUNK OR TREAT! HAPPY HALLOWEEN! HOPEFULLY THIS NEVER  HAPPENS AGAIN BECAUSE IT WAS WEEEEEIRD!! So that was the scariest thing that happened to me this Halloween :)

I am sending home a box of notes/books that I don't need right now.  


I got to keep it short because I am going to make Yoga disks on the computer today, but thanks for the amazing email!

Hermana Sheffer

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