Monday, November 16, 2015

NOVEMBER 16 - answering all of mom's questions

Yes I need money. For some reason I am out out and it is only half through November.  Could you possibly transfer some of my money to my actual card? I haven't used that card in forever because I don't think I have any more money on there!  But I need some for this Christmas season/going home season.  I want to send home the rest of my library, and also I have something I have been meaning to send Nathan for his birthday!  Also I don't know my pin number anymore.... can you find that out? 

Christmas list: 
I want nothing.  Seriously don't send me a lot of stuff, I would rather get a little bit of start-up again money :)  I will be coming so soon after Christmas!  So don't worry about Christmas!  I want letters, and Newsie Broadway tickets (thanks Grandma!).

STL duties:
I am Sister Training Leader over 6 sisters, and my companion :) They are all the companionships that have a Spanish sister put with an English sister!  So I am the zebra STL :)  
We did lots of splits in the sisters areas so it was good to get to know all the Sisters.  They are all new new and still going strong, I am so proud of them!
What I need: 
Could you send me a banana creme pie recipe and a gingersnap cookie recipe? :)

But I will just tell you that my soul was taken to the heavens this week when guess who came to church?!?!?! Rxxl!!! The husband of Lxxxxe!  The Elders and I were freaking out!! Lxxxxe was on cloud nine.  I taught the Principles of the Gospel class and he asked SUCH good questions.  The talks in Sacrament were about tithing (which new members sometimes have a problem with) and doing temple work for the dead(one of the more unique things about the church) and I was just laughing inside.  But I taught about the recogimiento de Israel and how it was a family thing, and he totally made the connection that it affects our family for generations to come to become a member, and then he also said and generations back too right? He was referring to the talks about ancestor work!  He is super intelligent!  We are going to talk to Leslie tomorrow and see how he liked it and what he said.  I guess Hno Haro had invited him to a priesthood testimony meeting, and he actually went with him, and then the next day he wanted to go to church!! WOW!  I didn't expect this at all, so we will keep you updated on him and Lxxxxe!   I am so excited!!
That was the highlight of my week!  It is always good to have a heart lift like that! 

We have our ward Thanksgiving party this week so I am so excited.  Lxxxxe said it is her first time having turkey haha.  Mxx starts school this week so Lxxxxxe is going to finally get some rest!  I am relieved for her.  That talk by Jeffrey R. Holland about mothers being like Jesus Christ is 100% true in Lxxxxe's case.  

I am sad about Uncle Burke :(  But I felt really good reading what you had sent me, and I am excited for him to be with his family again and out of pain!! I will send a letter to Grandpa and Grandma!  Keep me updated on Grandma. Let me know how she is and tell her I love her!

I am reading in Revelations, and am about to finish the New Testament!  Then I am going to start Doctrine and Covenants, and after that the Old Testament.  I am going to have read the standard works before my 22nd birthday!!  

We had lots of good times this week for sure.

Thanks for the package you have sent, I always love awaiting packages!

More next week!

Hasta Luego!

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