Tuesday, November 24, 2015

November 23 - LIFE IS GOOD

Hey family!! 
This week was good.  Between exchanges and training I feel like the time is just flying by.  People it is week 4 of this transfer.  I am a goner.  I can't control the time, and too many things just keep happening.  

Stressed out I tell you.  

But I am living it up!  And I made a resolution to take more pictures these last weeks because I have taken like 2 this entire transfer..... So then you can see more of my life and I can remember it better because at this rate I will remember a whirlwind.  

This week was a great week of miracles.  I just feel like we were guided with the time we do have to the people, even though none of them were truly interested.  BUT my miracle moment of the week is when one of my favorite people Mxxxxxa, felt the spirit.  She is a feeler.  Like she goes 100 percent off of what she feels and she was honestly searching and didn't feel it when she prayed the first days we were meeting with her.  So she kind of retired the idea from her mind for a bit, but then her husband wanted to try out our church (he just walks into the room, we have never met with him before, and he is like ya I think I want to try going to your church) so we had a lesson with the Union sisters so that they could go to the english ward here closer in Manteca and she prayed at the end and CRIED.  It was amazing, she totally felt it.  I love her a lot.  I want to be her friend.  She has the cutest girl named Gxxxxxs, and she loves me.  I hope they keep going strong.

Cxxxxs Jr came out and contacted with us this week for the first time!  He is super stoked to SERVE A MISSION!  He is awesome it was a good time, and he shared the gospel with his aunt and it made the biggest difference!
Cxxxxs Jr!

Thanks for the recipes and the money!!!!!!! I also got your Gratitude board!! I got it when the whole zone was together to have interviews with president, so I walked around and made everyone there sign it.  Then Sister Palmer signed it.  The two elders in our ward are Elder Moreno, and Elder Lopez.  Elder Moreno took it when he went to the mission office the next day and got everyone to sign it there haha.  Then I took it to the ward Thanksgiving party and got people to sign it there. It has been so much fun.  These elders are awesome but I went to a district meeting in Modesto, and saw Elder Griffin, and it was the best.  Elder Griffin is just irreplaceable.  And I saw Hermana Carpenter!  All these people I miss.  There are soo many people I love.  I want to get rid of facebook, but I don't think I can!

This picture just explains my life lately.

The shirt is my Christmas present opened early from the dear Hermana Porter!!  She knows me so well.  And I mean its a giant cardboard cutout of salsa sooooo.

We had the ward Thanksgiving party and it was awesome!  The party was so funny because it was a talent show too and so we had to sing.  Elder Lopez and Exxxxo also sang a Mexican song and Exxxxo was loving it! Haha he was so into it it was hilarious.  I can't wait to listen to hispanic music like crazy when I get back.  Scary thing is that Exxxxo actually got in a car accident the same day..... but he is ok.  He brought his dad to the party, so now I have met the whole family basically!  

We actually spend Thanksgiving  working like any normal day haha.  So hopefully that goes well.  We are participating in a turkey bowl though in Tracy, so hopefully that will be fun.  We also have a dinner appointment set up!

Note from Sonja: We have no idea what the story is behind this picture. We zoomed in on the envelope and everything. So we are going to assume it is Sister Splendid's first ever letter in the mission field.  Sounds good, eh?

Everything is going great!  Hope you all have a great week!


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