Monday, November 9, 2015


(NOTE FROM SONJA: We received this picture from some kind soul in California. We figured it was Emily's new companion.  I zoomed in on her name tag but couldn't make it out. I could tell her name started with SP and had an L so I decided she would be hereafter known as Sister Splendid.)

Hello family!

This week was like level 100 with a Bowser level.  But it was AWESOME! 

I had problems balancing Sister Training Leader with my area of Manteca before, and now add in a new missionary who is on fire and wanting to contact the whole world, but is getting drug along to sit outside meetings.... I am definitely learning how to use time wisely that is for sure. 

I am grateful that she is being patient, and she is helping me out so much because she makes me LAUGH.  

My new companion is Hermana Spilsbury  (hahahaha or Splendid, I think that is appropriate as well). She is from Mesa, Arizona.  She was one of the rare people these days to go to the CCM in D.F. Mexico!! She loves the Spanish language, and is willing to communicate with everyone, even if she doesn’t understand a word they say.  She can sing, and play the piano, and can quote books and movies like nobody's business.  The moment I met her, I was like, “you are a kindred spirit with my sister Elizabeth”.  Seriously people.  They have the exact same humor.  I feel like this is a part of home come to me.  Which is great!  

One fun experience that we had is that I had a leadership meeting and so I decided to leave Hna Spilsbury in the area with Leilani to be her companion.  Other Sister Training Leaders dropped Leilani off at our apartments and then I went with them to the meeting.  Hna Spilsbury asked if this was the moment that we parted and I was like yes, and gave her a hug.  But then I went to get in the car and Leilani hadn’t gotten out yet and Hna Spilsbury started walking back to the apartments.  Haha she thought that I was leaving her without a companion her 3rd day in the mission!  Poor girl was like what is going on?!?!?! 

I chased after her, and we met Leilani together haha.  3rd day abandonment haha. 

We also went biking and talked with a bunch of rude people in the dark.  Haha She is a trooper because she kind of got depressed that there were so many mean people.  I guess I got used to it, because it didn’t bother me and then she felt sad.  Ah man - those first days are the worst!! But she keeps going, and trusts me a lot.  I think she is grateful she has a trainer because lots of the new missionaries are training each other.  Craziness!  She always says lead the way Sensei, hahahaha.  Sensei and Splendid. New nicknames.

Some exciting news is that Rxxl, the husband of Lxxxxe came to the church to play soccer!!  The bad thing was that we had to cancel it..... So he came to play soccer with nobody and drove all the way from Manteca.  We called the Elders and got them over there fast, but then no one else could come so he would arrive to a church with 4 missionaries waiting to pounce him.  hahaha ITS A TRAP!!  So we decided to just tell him it was canceled.  It was the WORST timing ever..... Oh well I think he will come next week!! Hope soo!!  But I am so proud of Lxxxxe too!  She is one of my heroes in this world.  She is so strong to do what she does.  She is amazing. 

WOWWOWWOWWOW NEWSIES TICKETS?? MY life is complete.  WOW.  I am so excited!

Thanks for the compliments on my clothes and skirt. Hermana Spilsbury lent me her skirt.  I had to talk in Sacrament Meeting yesterday, so I wanted to wear mixed patterns, so she lent me her skirt!  My hair was curled on the toppish layers because we are now not allowed to get up before6:30am...... and we have no time to get ready in the mornings, so I shower at night and hope for the best in the morning haha.  But I do have to curl the top to have it be normal looking.

And I don’t know why you think I’m too skinny.   I have actually gained a little weight on my mission sooooooo... hahaha don't know whats going on there.  Don't be surprised if I am biggerr when I get home because I still have a Christmas season to go through :)

Wow you always sound so busy all of you.  Way to be, thanks for having time for me.  I appreciate it.  LETS EAT PUPUSAS IN PROVO AND GO TO THE TEMPLE!!! THAT SOUNDS AWESOME! 

Thanks for the email!


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