Monday, October 26, 2015


I am sorry to be typing this, and I don't know if it is true our not, but I think I am leaving Manteca!!..... 


I have my transfer board out and ready to predict. I like your prediction though mom :) haha for that to be true I would probably have to be switched to some English work.  I wouldn't put that past President either because he likes switching everyone around.

I wouldn't mind some cold though!  I now own a nice pair of sock-able to wear boots!  And tights!  It is still so warm in Manteca!  It was definitely colder in Sacramento I feel like.  But my predictions as of now... training a newbie in Manteca, or with Hna Porter in Lodi as Sister Training Leader.  Who knows.  We call transfer calls, "The Reaping" haha. I think that is the closest feeling to the reaping that will ever happen in my life.

We are teaching Mxxxxy Hernandez the older sister of Cxxxxs Jr.  She is really involved in her church, but she always asks really good questions.  She is definitely an amazing person, and I hope that she will be able to recognize and follow the spirit.  She is a single mom of two young boys, and she is a powerhouse.

Lxxxxe can't get baptized still, but she is coming to church no matter what!  Her husband doesn't want her to change religions.  So we are aiming for a date in December, Christmas Miracle, to be baptized and we are working with her husband.  I just want him to like us.  Our apartment got selected as apartment complex of the week to have cheap Domino's pizza!  So we went and got pizza to share with Lxxxxe and Rxxl for when he got home from work!  We got there with the pizza and 5 minutes later Rxxl came home from work with pizza to surprise his wife with........ he walked in, saw us with the pizza, and then was like ppssshhhhh.  Haha I am sure we will all laugh about this someday.... But he is just the sweetest person.

Another miracle that happened this week!  We were out with Exxxxo visiting his family members and we met a new cousin of Exxxxxo that lived there.  He said things like "Hola hermanas" and "How long have you been on your missions?" and Mormon talk basically.  You could kind of tell there was something different about him. So we were super surprised, and I asked him if he was a member and he said YES!  He was a convert, served a mission to New Hersey, was active until he got married, and it has been 10 years since he got married. 


EXXXXO HAS MEMBER FAMILY!  It was a total shocker, and he was married into his family, but they still have each other!  He is less active, but he still reads his scriptures every day and has the app and he shared the most beautiful testimony of the restoration of the gospel.  He is still a convert to this church, he is just going through his own thing.  I know that God knows his children and what they need.  Elder Hamula said that just because less actives don't go to church doesn't mean they are less active from the gospel.  I want to always think about God's plan for every person we see and not worry so much about them, unless they are like seriously denying God and stuff.  

For English class this week we learned I/you/they/we with the vocab of clothing.  So we went out into the halls and told everybody what they were wearing:

"You are wearing a boy scout shirt" 
"He is wearing shorts with socks and sandals" 
"He is wearing a BYU shirt" 
"You are wearing very modest skirts" just kidding haha but it was really fun to just get them talking.  

Exxxxo I swear is going to be fluent soon.  It was really funny because we do our English classes on Wednesday night in Manteca and the Elders do theirs on Thursday.  During our class Exxxxo received a text from Elder Griffin reminding him to come on Thursday.  So I texted him back in perfect English on Exxxx's cell phone, "Wow thanks for the cordial reminder Elder Griffin, but I feel like something really just clicked with my English, and I can speak it without a problem.  The Sister's English class is really spot on and I have learned so much.  But I will be there, thank you very much!" 


Later that night Exxxxo texted me and was like, "Elder Griffin got mad at the message!" 

.... crucial plot point Elder Griffin is never mad.... 

So we called Elder Griffin and he said he had answered back in English, "Those Sister missionaries!  I am going to come after them and whoop them!" He was totally just kidding but sarcasm doesn't transfer very well through text haha, especially if English is the second language.  Exxxxxo was like warning me, beware Elder Griffin is coming after you!  He was seriously concerned haha.  It was a fun experience. 

 Something I hope to always have in my mind to do, well first Visiting Teaching, and second always ask my Bishop if there are families he would like me to visit and fellowship.  I know that those Bishops receive revelation for the Ward, and want to be able to help him out.  I think Bishops have the hardest jobs ever.  

I told somebody about the Manteca Car theft show dad watched, and they explained why.  Manteca has 4 different freeways surrounding it so the robbers could go so many different directions and never get caught.  So they have some reasoning!  

Well this week was very relaxful for me!  I am studying in 2 Corinthians right now and I love the New Testament.  It is like reading General Conference talks!  I pick up a lot of cool stuff!

I can't say I have been fully vegetarian (not for lack of trying) because member dinners are hard.  But I avoid it when I can, and I am still loving it!  

Well until next week!  THE WEEK OF DECISION


Hna Sheffer

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