Monday, October 19, 2015


Hi family!

Where are the Thalmans moving to??? Where are the Andersons moving to?  How dare they leave, 5th ward is their last name.

(Note from Sonja – I told Emily about our Ward Roadshow)

Hahaha missionaries on a cruise ship that is the most hilarious thing I have heard of.  I do admit I have thought of that before though... It probably wouldn’t be very effective.  #TRUNKYALLTHETIME.  That’s what would happen.  

That is so weird that Craig Blake is my bishop.... haha.  Well he will do super good! He will never get his beard back. 


We only had one exchange this week, but it was 2.5 days long.  President gave us permission to have a sleepover basically!! Parrrtttaayyy (except you had to tell everybody to go to sleep at 10:30 and wake up at 6:30am.  Haha. its no fun correcting people).  We got to sleep on air mattresses. Then one of our missionaries went home because she crashed on her bike and broke her leg, and now we have another set of sisters who are training themselves :) woot. 

We are having a meeting on Tuesday with President Palmer to talk tactics because we are getting 7 new Spanish Hermanas this next transfer and seriously everyone will be training after only 6 weeks or training themselves and ya..... We have had to train on so many things because nobody knows what they are doing.... So hopefully tactics are inspired to help this mission out.  I am the oldest Hermana now - weird huh?? 

I had a panic attack Sunday.  President asked us to accompany him and Sister Palmer to a single adult fireside to help speak.  I was like GREAT.  Also I had to teach the lesson on Sunday about eternal marriage.  It was only us and the Elders and Lxxxxe soo.... but then Exxxxo came from his library duties. 

So I was a stress case with both assignments.  But the lesson was good and Lxxxxe said that her parents watched Mxx and for the first time in 3 years she and her husband had 5 hours to themselves.  They went to Red Lobster and to the movies (3-D) and he bought her a watch when they were shopping. Aaaahhhhhh it is so cute.  Seriously I can't even imagine how much she goes through every day with Mxx.  Mxx is one lucky kid to have his amazing mother and dad. 

At the fireside I thought that it was going to be a bunch of young single adults, and so I wasn’t expecting a bunch of old single adults.  But it was a little less stressful!  So I had prepared something, and I tried going off of my own knowledge/self and I kind of did it!  I kept repeating myself and then I would think (ya dije) in my head and got a little lost and didn’t share all I wanted to, but I consider it progress:) Then they fed us cinnamon oatmeal cookies.  But we got to carpool with President and we talked about dating... He said we shouldn’t compromise and if we did he would hunt us DOWN downdowndowndowndown!!

(Note from Sonja – Elissa told Emily that if she is ever having a bad day she needs to replace all the nouns or verbs in her sentences with the word Bacon)

I am going to start using the bacon thing haha.  I can't get out in front of my head :(  My mind is pretty powerful to bring me doooowwwwnnn.  That seems like a perfect solution haha. 

Sister Palmer is just the most beautiful person ever.  She is pure of heart if you know what i mean.  I think you do.  I want to be pure in heart too.  I want to be pure in bacon and love bacon and everyone around me and conquer my bacon so that I can be happy and have bacon all the time and just do what the (Lord) would have me do and have joy in my bacon because it is all so beautiful this bacon living life and I can do it!!!! hahahahahhahahahahahahaha that was good.  I laughed writing that. 

But some amazing things happened this week.  Exxxxo received his Patriarchal blessing!  yayayay!  He is amazing I tell you people.  He is going to be put to work that is for sure!

Lxxxxe is still amazing, and we are all going to fast and pray together that her husband will let her be baptized. 

I am breaking down Romans chapter 12.  It spoke to me so I am studying that part of the New Testament.  That’s where I am.  I also made potatoes in french fry style but round (i am going to open up a Rrench Fry In-N-Out) with coconut oil and they were great:)

I learned that Modesto got its name because a man founded it and gave his life to establish a good city, and the citizenswanted to name it after him, but he gave all the glory to God, and wouldn’t let them name it after him, so they named it Modesto :) Too modest.  Fun stories! 

Thanks for your email :) It cheered me up! I don't really need anything, but I was thinking about Christmas.... I was thinking don't send me anything! :) I think that would be better because it is so soon after that I am returned and I might need start up stuff again.... my thoughts right now.  
But ya I love you a lot, and I love you a lot and hope you have a good week down in Richfield town!!

Hermana Sheffer

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