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OCTOBER 12 - Cxxxxs is baptized!

( NOTE FROM SONJA: I sent Emily some information about some Study Abroad opportunities that Elizabeth found that she wants to do with Emily this summer. This is what she is referring to)

MOM! I want to go with Lizzy so bad!! Are those from a BYU site?  Because here’s what happened this week… I decided that life is too short to not do stuff you really want to do. You just got to do them, and work hard to have them, and etc. 

SO I decided I have loved the earth too long to not work in something with the environment, with National Parks, with water, with museums, with knowledge and research.  I want to be a crunchy for the Air Force and I want to go and help the world!!!  I should worry about money, but I should do what I like to, and then work won’t be work, and I will be happy. 

Anyway those opportunities sound amazing!  I want to go to both of those.  I also heard that if you speak Spanish BYU will send you to the Dominican Republic really cheap to teach English. Two weeks ago we started an English class here in Manteca and I felt like I was in my prime! It was so much fun! Plus I have 6 credit hours I can use for Biology credit internship hours, and I AM GOING TO USE THEM!  Plus if I want a good job, I will have to an internship anyways is what I’m thinking! 

What are the prices?  I want to do this with Lizzy soo bad!  I will start applying/preparing for those after my mission :) Plus the Air Force pays for your schooling after and I could get a Masters after for free!! It is a genius plan.  

I have also been vegetarian for a week, and I LOVE IT. I just decided to change my life. This week was ROUGH, but now I feel so empowered... I am not telling anyone else though, even members because I don't want to be a burden.  But the second day, for dinner a member bought us cheese pizza... she looked at the box, and was like, “hmmmm I bought 2 pepperonis. Weird!” It was a miracle!!!  

(Note from Sonja: We told Emily that Nathan’s football team won their championship)

WOW!  HE IS A CHAMMPPIOOONN HE IS A CHAMPIOOONNN!! Ya take that Manti (slash South Sevier)!  My brother is awesome!!  I’m so proud! What position does he play?

(Note from Sonja: We told Emily about Nathan being signed up for 3 powwows this month and how he is not that happy about it haha)

He will have fun at the BYU Powwow. I remember at BYU there were always a million scouts running around but I think that was in the summer time.  Fun though. 

This week I was on exchanges with Hna Porter’s trainees and we got called in to do some service in the whole mission-wide size (from Lodi to Turlock) Scout Camp.  There were a bunch of scrawny Nathan’s running around shooting bows and arrows and army crawling and American flags and I am not even kidding I just started crying.  Not like sorrow cry, but Grandpa Taylor kind of cry.  The beautiful life moment thing kind of cry.  It was great and the sky was blue blue which I always love.  Good times.  

(Note from Sonja: We told Emily that Elissa had tried out for her first competition routine of the year and was selected even though her lift group fell )

hahaha Elissa wiping out.  I’m glad that she made it still.  I am excited to see her dance!  She is my motivation to become flexible because I remember she wasn’t and now she super is, and I’m not but I hope to be soon.  

What job did Lizzy end up getting???   I love football!

I am pretty sure my return date is the Wednesday in the early afternoon........ like January 26th or something :) I hit 15 months this week and the 100 day countdown down....... WHAT?!?! 

(Note from Sonja: I told Emily about a show Darren watched where the cops planted cars with keys in the ignition to see how long it took before they were stolen. The show took place in Manteca!! Nice…)

That is super funny about the car stealing show. I want to watch it, too so I can point out all the places I recognize! Manteca can get kind of scary in parts but it’s not bad.  Haha what are the odds…that is so random.  

Inline image 3
Good moment of this week we went with Leilani out for some Thai food.  I AM IN  LOVE WITH CURRY.  SERIOUSLY PEOPLE.  IT IS SOOO GOOOD.

 I am running out of time.  It was a rough week. I was depressed about Spanish.  Exxxxo was depressed.  I was never in my area.   All the problems of other people become your problems because you are their Sister Training Leader.  We had some fights (not us -  the Sister’s we cover – but everything was so hard as we were not communicating  very well, either).  Waaaahhhhhhhwwwwaaaahhhhh.   My companion and I got really distant from each other.  I thought she was always shooting my ideas down. I felt like I was just getting run over… know what I mean? Like why even try if nothing I say even matters. So I would be suuuper silent. I throw pity parties for me in my head sometimes.  You know how I made that pride reference to how stupid it was and people should just get over it??  Yep … never judging anyone again (EVER) because I behaved in some pretty embarrassing ways due to it.  Then this Sunday the lesson was on pride hahaha. I am definitely learning some better communication skills that is for sure.   I decided NO MORE.  Communication 852 that’s for sure! I’m passing this class! I know I have problems communicating, let alone helping other people communicate.   I have been studying the talk "Come What May and Love It" and sometimes I laugh at myself when I get annoyed haha.  So that has helped.  But my comp definitely deserves a hug.


It isn’t really a surprise because we have been working with him for about 6 weeks now, AND he is totally prepared.  His father is one of my favorite people here in Manteca (Cxxxxs Hernandez Sr.) and he has been baptized for one year now.  He was the only member in his family.  He is constantly studying the scriptures.  He is the father also of Axxxxn who is my favorite kid in Manteca!  He is hilarious.  

 Axxxxn and Axxan (little boy in first picture) were being a bit irreverent so I asked them to draw a picture of Junior getting baptized.  This is Axxxxn's picture.  I gave it to Hermano to keep forever :)

So I was really excited.  But Cxxxxxs Jr is amazing!  When his family wasn’t going to church he went by himself to a little Christian church!  Then his dad really plead with him to come to church with him, and now he says that he knows without a doubt that this church is the true one!  He is really good at reading scriptures.  He doesn’t worry so much about knowing exactly everything that is happening, but is really good at picking out principles that he can apply in his life.  He is awesome!

This is a picture of Axxxxn at the baptism. He was super funny because he was like,"I want to get baptized! I want to get baptized!" He kept saying it over and over.    Then he was like "my dad called me a bad word!"

"What did he call you??!"  

"Callate"  hahahahahahah which means be quiet a little roughly hahaha it was hilarious.  We are so good buds we have a secret handshake.  I love this family!  They are amazing!  He talks so cute.  He sounds like he is from New Jersey if that makes sense haha.  Someday you will meet him too!

Hermana Carpenter and I have done 4.5 exchanges this week!  People there are only 7 days in a week.  I felt like I didn’t even remember who my companion was, or Manteca town, but I am grateful for the beautiful end of a rough week.  We have now done exchanges with all the sisters so now we can start focusing in on what they need.  

On exchanges we were outside talking to people and found a chili on the ground next to the bush........ so we ate it!! hahah #hermanas 
I love being able to get to know so many awesome hermanas!

Not even kidding we need more Sister Training Leaders, or need to become traveling Sister missionaries because it has been rough on the area and everything!  Too many things to do that’s for sure!  I go to bed at 10 every night and still feel tired in the morning. I am learning a lot though! I am so happy with all that is going on in my life! LOTS OF GOOD THINGS!

You are all good things in my life too.  Thanks for your emails!  
Love Hna Sheffer 

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