Tuesday, December 8, 2015


We missionaries just had a breakdown in the Family History Center about BYU vs UTAH for the Las Vegas Bowl and Bronco leaving................


We are all BYU kids haha.

Ah man what day is it so I can pray really hard, and be really obedient?  HA HA ;) Missionary power!

I have a feeling I am leaving Manteca too..... we’ll see next week what is going down for my last transfer!! I am just flying through this whole mission deal.  I got a lot under my belt already.  I also had some pupusas under my belt.  Our whole ward is from El Salvador almost, and so we ate some deliciousness  yesterday.  We are definitely going to that El Salvador restaurant in Provo pronto!  Sooo good!  

This week was fun.  I found out that Manteca does a light parade, so I got the sisters together and went and talked with everyone.  It was a good contacting opportunity.  I felt like I was in Richfield, physically (but not spiritually haha).  It was like a contacting crash course, person after person after person, with no break.  Both of us had to sit in the car for a few minutes and relax because it was a little brutal.  But we shared the new Christmas video with a lot of people who really will watch it I think!  But some people are meanies. 

 I decided that I am going to retire to Manteca!  You can come with me if you want.  

Cxxxxs Jr. is doing so awesome.  He has been going to seminary every morning even though he is probably really tired from all his practices!  I am so proud of him!  His family means so much to me!  We actually started teaching his grandpa who refuses to read from the Book of Mormon, so I brought him the General Conference issue of the Ensign. I snuck a look at him in the kitchen and he had already started reading it!  He is going to get baptized someday - I can just feel he sees it!  That was exciting this week.  

I have been awful about taking pictures.... sorry.  I want to do a picture of the day from here on out, so hopefully next week will be better!  

I loved the Christmas Devotional.  I just feel like I could feel that light after watching it because I feel like there is just an increasing tide of evilness lately.  Exxxxo has been complaining that our choir doesn’t practice enough, and then he saw the Christmas devotional and was awed more than I have seen him awed before haha.  He couldn’t stop talking about the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, so I think we are not going to get a break from the, “We need to practice more speech”! 

Exxxxo has been doing his family history and he got his grandparents ready to be baptized!!!! wooot!!  It has taken a while but we are all super excited!

We should be talking to Rxxl and Lxxxxe more this week.  We haven’t been able to meet, but a fun little miracle: We hadn’t seen Lxxxxe all week. We were on the phone with the Elders, when they contacted someone outside that spoke Spanish, and they were like "wow we have the Spanish missionaries on the phone right now!! Talk to them!" and she was like, "Hermanas soy Lxxxe!"  It was an awesome little miracle.  I hope Mxx is doing well so Lxxxxe would be able to sleep and have some time for herself!  Not that she wouldn’t give all her time to someone besides herself because she is like that anyway.  Seriously I learn so much from the amazing people that surround me!

Leilani is making my trunky planner too so that is exciting. 

The choir is performing on Sunday so I am excited to be a part of that, we have been working hard.

I just know my time here is important.  I hope that you all can realize your time is important too, and we should always be trying to be a little more like Jesus.  I would like to invite you to avoid TV or Facebook and study the life of Jesus Christ instead!  The scriptures are amazing, and I can promise you a beautiful more spiritual Christmas if you do it.

Lots of love from the Modesto Mission,

Hna Sheffer

(NOTE FROM SONJA: I was stalking some of the other Modesto missionary blogs and found the following pictures)


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