Monday, December 28, 2015

December 28th - I AM ONE LUCKY GIRL!

Wow I just spent 30 minutes rereading and relooking at all the pictures and emails you sent me.  I am a fan of my family, and I am excited to see you all again soon :)  I loved skyping and it made my heart happy to hear my real name.  It was really comforting.  I love my family so much! Thanks for all the Christmas presents!  

I agree that Lxxxxe and Rxxl are so cute!  They are like the joy in my life.  Mxx is so cute too.  Mxx loves the nativity set with his little Burrito haha.  They are going to get baptized the 16th of January at 7:00 pm We are all really happy and excited!  It is one day before Bxxxa and Jxxe Lxxs were baptized last year!  Full circle!  I am spoiled because Leilani told me they might come and visit me the last Sunday I am here!  

Jesus the Christ has not come yet hahahahaha (but I will be prepared for when it does).  It was so funny for Christmas for Exxxxo I gave him proselyting supplies (like a bunch of different types of proselyting cards, and a Book of Mormon to give away) and when he opened it he was like "woowoowoowowowow"  He was so excited about the proselyting materials hahaha.  Nut.  But I also drew him lyrics in fancy writing from one of the songs he wrote about the church.  I made it pinterest worthy and he looked like he was going to cry when he saw it.   I like people you can make happy with super little but heartfelt things.  

I also heard registration starts February 1st so could you check to see if I have to be a full time student at BYU??  I feel like a do, but I would like to know so I can start planning my classes.  I got permission to go onto BYU courses to search the classes available.  Tell Elizabeth no to worry about her classes next quarter! I will be there to help her!  I will bring her snacks in the library!! Is she going to stay up there for spring and summer do ya know??

I was so excited to see Bradley!  I wanted to ask him a bunch of questions like "are you going to be around next Christmas ;)" wink wink but I decided not to.
That's good everyone likes him, because I thought he seemed pretty fun! 

So you got called as a Primary teacher?? Wow that sounds like so much fun.  I want to be a Primary teacher someday!  Maybe can I help you out when I get back? It is on my bucketlist!

The shoes you sent were a size too big, but there is a Vans store here in Manteca, or I will bring them home with me.  But I did like the style!  

Count on me taking pictures! I am going to do a, “Day in the life of a missionary” the best I can without getting sued … which means it is going to be a, “Day in the life of a missionary without talking to people, which is what we do all day” hahaha but I have some ideas.  I am super excited!  So weird I told dad to buy a GoPro and you had purchased me one!  Crazy!!

My favorite part of this week was yesterday in Sunday School.  Rxxl was asked to say the prayer and he prayed that he was grateful for the Sister missionaries coming to his house and helping them learn more about our Father in Heaven and I just felt so peaceful.  I am one lucky girl that is for sure!!! 

Could you please send me the references to the scriptures that were shared during our Christmas Skype?  I forgot to write them down, I remember generally but not exactly where..... THANKS!


love, Hermana Sheffer

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