Monday, January 4, 2016


Ok I am going to speed type because there are not enough computers and we are all sharing.  Just so ya know I am typing very fast right now... and it might be short. 


Not even kidding people Manteca is throwing a farewell party for me, and the grand finale is happening!  

So Lxxxxe and Rxx are getting baptized the 16 of January at 7.  They are already sharing testimonies in fast and testimony meeting, and they both wrote me the sweetest note, that I just absolutely needed.  It was so sweet.  I love them both so much.  Mxx is just so sweet.  Lots of families have really come to love them and Mxx and it is just so comfortable to have Mxx in church and everyone loves him.  They are totally getting baptized because of the love they feel at church.  Rxxl as always has great questions that I sometimes can't explain but they are so progressing.  

So I don't remember if I told you, but Christmas eve we went and tried to visit Bxxxxo and his family because we knew he wouldn't be working, and he basically ran us from his house and I cried.  But we stopped by this week and he was there and he let us in and he said, "Look, lets set up a schedule.  No doubts about it.  I will be here ready at that time, and you two will always plan on coming at that time.  We will keep learning! "


It was a Bxxxxo miracle. I was on cloud nine.  I did fist pumps in the lesson because I was so excited.  Sounds like his job isn’t going too great either and he doesn’t have work again.  But at least he can come to church.  But the thing is as soon as he gets a job again I bet he will be gone, so I am going to try to get him more friends.  But if Bxxxxo came back to church one time before I go home..... I WOULD CRY!

Also get ready for the light of my life.  His name is Mxxxxl Axxxxo.  Isn’t that the coolest name?  He is a new investigator.  He is going to get baptized on the 23 of January.  He is like a Mexican Iron man.  I am not even kidding you.  He is hilarious, and we just have the best lessons.  Also he had heart failure and he has a little machine in his heart that shocks him if it detects that his heart isn't beating as fast or something.   He was like, "Ya, I have to charge up every night" and I was like WHAT???  But he was just kidding :) 

It is very different teaching him, because he has 2 17 year old sons (twins) (one named Mxxxxl) (and the other Axxxl) (get it??) and he is very determined to help them out.  So his lessons are more based on personal testimonies and stuff instead of stuff like straight from the scriptures.  Like with Exxxxo we just read together and he was like ok perfect and then got it.  But Mxxxxl wants to feel it and experience it and that side of the gospel (which is going to be good for me to share that part of my life instead of the logical part if that makes sense). 

He loves his twins so much and all his family too.  He realized he needed to change his life, and Sister Spilsbury and one of the Tracy sisters contacted him in Tracy when we were working in their area. 

Then we stopped by, he let us right in and he is going to get baptized.  We left him a chapter in the Book of Mormon to read and he read it 3 times and talked about how he thought about during the day, and he even applied it into his own life.  You could just tell he was so excited.  So I was like wow he is doing it, and so I tried to give him 3 more chapters to read and he was like hold up!  You are giving me so much homework and I want to read what you already gave me again!!  Hahaha it was AWESOME! I could totally see God orchestrating this one. 

He couldn't come to church last week because of an emergency work call, but then he came this week.  It was fast and testimony meeting and I am not even kidding you EVERY person talked about their families, how much they loved them, and how the gospel has helped them.  WOW.  Then to top it off two of our young men (I have been here a year and RARELY have seen the young men share their testimonies)  got up and shared their testimonies.  It was a game changer.  Seeing them up there you could tell he wanted his sons to be there.  He would say amen so quiet still but like "ya this is what is going on" kind of amen. 

Then we went to gospel doctrines and he LOVED it.  We always sit in a circle and it was just so comfortable.  Everyone was laughing and learning and it was beautiful.  He contributed a lot of spot on stuff.  I am so excited for him. 

We heard that in Priesthood he stood up to introduce himself and was like "Hello I’m Mxxxxl Axxxxo, this is my first time but I think I am here to stay, so I hope we can all be brothers" and everyone was like "YAAAA we are family! You da best!"  So sounds like it was a good experience. 

Sister Spilsbury is in love with this investigator.  She quotes everything, but Mxxxxxl wins.  She can quote him so good.  One time we called him and when we asked him what he was doing he was like "I am making little houses for the pajaritos (little birds)” and then one time in a lesson he was talking about how he just wants to be a good person, and he was like "I mean I never kill anyone" and we all lost it.  Then every time we were talking about something, we would be like, "well at least nobody died".  "We kept it in and didn’t kill anyone" etc it was hilarious.  We bring Cxxxxs Jr and Cxxxxs Hxxxxxxxxz to our lessons and it is awesome.  IT IS THE BEST EVER!  I am seriously so excited for you all to meet him! I think he is the coolest person ever!! 

My Go-Pro “Day in the life” is going very well...... I think at least.  I haven't reviewed my footage, but I have taken over 100 videos haha.  I have a very good idea so ya.  You will just have to seeeeeeeeee.

Anyways I hope you all survive the cold, and you might need to majorly prepare me for this because I freeze here and its like 50 degrees outside........... This is going to be tough.....

Anyways thank you for the emails, love you, have a great week, read in your scriptures, and love everybody and drive safe!  



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