Monday, January 11, 2016



Let me tell you about them.

Sooooooo.... when is the soonest possible that I could return to California?  I would like to come pretty soon after so just wondering!  I want you to coooommmmeee!!

Also can you send my birthday lemon ice cream cake recipe??  I want to make it if  Mxxxxl gets baptized, because of that whole lemon joke that we have.

Let me tell you about Mxxxxl.  He is one of my favorite people I have ever taught and I pray that he gets baptized.  We had a really bad lesson with him on Wednesday, like I prepared days in advance and then we just had no flow and it was really long, and the poor guy was probably super confused.  But then the Elders in Manteca went over on Thursday and they watched the Joseph Smith movie on his bed and bonded.  They are like, “He is so good”!..... and then we haven’t heard much from him since.  We have an appointment tonight and we hope he is there because he didn’t come to Stake Conference this week. I am sure everything is fine, but we don't really know what is going on!  BUT HE IS SOO COOL... I am sure he just had to work or wasn’t feeling good or something.  I will let you know next week!

Lxxxxxe and Rxxl are of course doing awesome.  They will for sure get baptized this Saturday.  YAYAYAYAYAY!!! They are a miracle to me that is for sure!  I am excited for all they are going to do in the Church.  They are going to be awesome.

Elder Moreno is awesome.  Let me tell you why.  He is going around to all my favorite people and having them write thank you notes to me, and then he doorbell ditches them on my door every night.  Of all the good bye presents I could possibly receive these are the best.  They are really priceless to me so I am super grateful.

I love being a Mormon that is for sure.  We had Stake Conference this week and it was great to be all together.  I WAS ABLE TO TRANSLATE ONE OF THE TALKS!  Elder Moreno was translating for the bishop and then a woman was talking and he was like, “I CANT DO A WOMAN’S VOICE!”  SO I DID IT!!! FROM ENGLISH TO SPANISH!! THEY DIDNT PAUSE FOR ME TO TRANSLATE IT WAS A CONTINUOUS STREAM OF WORDS AND I STILL DID IT!!!!!!!!  I was too scared to do it, and then I just did and then I felt like I was on top of a mountain after!!  I want to go into translating for my career ;)  It was awesome!

My GoPro documentary is going to be pretty sweet.  I will not say more, but I will be editing it when I get home, and I can hang out with you at work while I do it!

We had a joke war this week and I told the get down off the elephant one and NOBODY got it.  Elder King told me he laid in bed for half an hour thinking.  The one who got it was the Elder from the Philippines because he has an English dictionary and just looked up the words haha. 

(Note from Sonja:
Q: How do you get down from an elephant?
A: You don’t. You get down from a duck.
In the Elder’s defense I didn’t get it at first either…..)

Well hopefully Mxxxxl is alright and not in a hospital somewhere.

This week I also finished the Doctrine and Covenants.  So I have started the Old Testament and am almost through Genesis.  I am really excited.  Before my golden 22 I am going to read everything!

Well thanks for the emails, and talk to ya next week.


My latest planner creations. I passed down the hole punch I got from Sister Skidmore to Sister Spilsbury!

Christmas Picture

The presents we opened at the stroke of Midnight on Christmas Eve!

Random pictures with the familia Hernandez. Some of my favorite people ever!

With the full time bike riding Sisters!

Manteca Beauties (get it??)

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