Monday, January 18, 2016


WELL.  I will just say that I am pretty sure God has a mission checklist for me in heaven and He is making sure I get all my experiences checked off :) 
This week I was seriously attacked by a dog.  We were just walking around at night and this giant pit bull comes whipping around the corner barking and growling and starts heading right for us!  I was on exchanges with Sister Rodas and she had just told me that she is terrified of dogs so in my mind I was like, "I should throw myself in front of her and protect her!"  But I seriously I couldn't.  I didn't go into flight or fight mode I was just in frozen mode.  My feet wouldn't move.  It jumped up on me and I could see its teeth.... IT WAS TERRIFYING.  But then the owner came running and grabbed it off of us.... I survived and didn't have my GoPro on me unfortunately.   
Also I won't go into details until I get home ;) but the Elders/all missionaries were hidden in the Family History Center for the first hour and a half of church this past Sunday because of threats that were being made outside.  Don't let anyone be concerned it wasn't a huge deal.  But it was cool to see the Priesthood come and guard us with their lives. 
Also just to let you know this email will be shorter because I ORGANIZED A TRIP TO BIG TREES NATIONAL PARK!!  Our whole District is going and Leilani too and it is going to be great! I am so excited to see a little glimpse of this park.  Alfred is going to drive us.  I woke up over and over again all night because I was so keyed up.  I woke up at 5am and it was pouring rain.  Probably the worst I have seen in California so I said a prayer and woke up to the most beautiful outside everywhere.  Not too many clouds and everything was so bright and clean.  SO I WILL SEND PICTURES NEXT WEEK OF THAT!!!!! :) :):):)
Also I am studying myplan right now that the church has established to help Missionaries transition back home and I will just say that it is AMAZING.  I am going to use it a ton after my mission.  I will share my favorite parts with you.  
So now onto the best part of this email.   

It was a beautiful experience, and many people were there to support.  Lxxxxe and Rxxl had a really bad run in with Rxxl's parents the morning of, and so Lxxxxe was a wreck, but she was so strong.  I asked how Rxxl was doing, and she said, "He is doing way better than me!" He is strong and knows it will all work out.  So basically they were attacked by the thing that matters most, and they were still baptized.  They are so amazing.  Rxxl is just the coolest person I have ever met.  I am so lucky to be part of their lives.  I was thinking they are only 24 so I am basically going to grow up with them and we are going to share lots of experiences together.

I am excited for this upcoming week, and I am really numb/shocked right now.
I bought a suitcase last week and already have basically everything packed.

I want to make dinner the Thursday after I get home if that is ok.... A SURPRISE! I want Grandpa Taylor to help me.  

I am excited to see you and I LOVE YOU TOO
love, Hermana Sheffer

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