Wednesday, September 3, 2014



Emily sent these final few pictures from the CCM.
She absolutely loved it there.  We got an actual letter today (9/2) that was sent August 3rd and told more about her schedule, her teachers, her district, etc.  She had such a wonderful MTC experience and worked so hard. I am so proud of her!!  

She also told more about getting the box of Krispy Kremes I had sent.  She said this was the first package to be received by anyone in the district, so when the notice came that she had a package, the whole district went together immediately to pick it up.  When the district leader got the box, he bowed and presented it to her. Of course she had to share and luckily there were 12 donuts and 12 members in her district.  She said one Elder took five minutes to eat his as he wanted to savor it. HA HA.  She said they then had a shared fervent, "I LOVE THE USA" moment.  

Hermana Fly (my companero), Hermana Burke, Hermana Vidrio (instuctor), Hermana Shawcroft, Hermana Sheffer

District girls plus our volleyball buddies

Our district with Hermano Ortiz and Hermana Vidrio

SAC here I come!

Each Sunday the entire MTC watches a movie together. After the movie we sing, "God Be With You 'Til we Meet Again" and we watch a slide show of pictures of all the Districts that are leaving. I LOVE IT. This is our picture on the screen.

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