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AUGUST 19, 2014


I miss you guys, but I am having a pretty good time here.  I have only started to freak out a little bit about going out into the field.  There are only 6 more sleeps till I get out there.......(I am not counting Monday as a sleep because I figure I am not going to sleep much... we have to leave the CCM by 2 o'clock IN THE MORNING).  The Elders in my distrito say that Sacramento Spanish speakers almost always get sent to Stockton.  Apparently you should not google Stockton.... but I am excited.  I am excited slash nervous to speak with real people.  But I know what I need to do to be a good teacher so it will be ok.  I am just super comfortable here so I am super sad to go.  I seriously love it here.

When asked about the weather:
The weather here is amazing.  It is usually 70 degrees all the time.  But it also has these crazy rainstorms.  I experienced the loudest thunder I have ever heard in my life!!! It makes me jump!  The streets are built slanted so that they can handle the water and if you step in it you sink and almost get carried away.  We always take our shoes off and run everywhere.  People always cheer you on from inside the buildings haha.  My hair also does very well here for the most part.

When asked if they had “initiated” another group as they are getting ready to leave in a few days:
We played kickball with the distrito we are passing the book on to see if they could prove their worthiness.  They definitely won( soooo worthy)!  But it is fun because we have been whispering at them every time we see them “….. 4 daaayyyss..... 3 dayyyysss....”.  They are freaking out because they think we are pranking them hardcore. I have been designated to film it... so you guys might be able to see it later. 

When asked about her daily schedule:
 We meet in our classroom at 7 am.
 Personal study until 730 and then we go across the street to the comedor.  I usually eat nutella with cereal unless i am really craving some meat (weird stuff I tell you).  
Back to the classroom by 8 and we do personal study until 9.  
At 9 Hermana Vidrio comes in and teaches us for 3 hours.  In that three hours we usually do an hour language, an hour of religion, and then an hour for us teaching her.  My favorite time is language.  We go outside and learn and then she tells us to talk to latinos!  We run around everywhere and talk to everyone that is latino that we can see about the principle we’ve learned, for practice.  That is one of my favorite parts of being here.  Latino people are the nicest people ever!  And it is so fun to communicate and actually understand what they are saying.  For teaching we go into little fake rooms in another building and Hermana Vidrio pretends to be Teresa our investigator.  I learned the words for decorations so I can say, “oooohh new decorations??” .. EVERY TIME. HAAAAAAAA.  Teaching her is the worst because she tries to always fall asleep in your lessons, and she asks really hard questions.  I am writing them down though so I can answer them later!  

At noon we have planning with our companions for our next teaching appointment.  NOT ENOUGH TIME.  Then we go to lunch.  Lunch is basically dinner so there is a lot of food.  And gym time is right after ( worst schedule ever!).  Then Hermano Ortiz comes in and teaches us in the afternoon for a lot of hours.  He is basically with us the rest of the day.  He is my favorite person ever.  He is on my top ten persons of my life list.  He is seriously amazing. You would like him a lot.  But we do the same thing as before with a different language principle.

Then we go and eat again, and then we go do TALL, which is language learning on the computer.

I actually really like it though! It is mainly grammar lessons. It also has Preach My Gosepl in Spanish and you can practice enunciation and stuff.  Hermano Ortiz comes with us and goes on dual lingo for English.  It is sooooo funny.  It makes my day.  The other day he was like, “She is a man........... que no!!!” He gets so into it.  He is always going que¿¿ que pasa¿¿¿ and sometimes he takes his headphones off and has to breathe for a minute.  It is hilarious.  It kind of reminds me of Nathan sometimes…  in a good way.
Then we go back to the classroom for language study.  I should put that in quotes because by that point our distrito is a little out of control.. it’s bad... but they always make me laugh.  

When asked what she will miss the most about the CCM:
My favorite part of being here is the people.  I love just going to talk to random people and having conversations.  People are so interesting.  I have made that a goal in my mission.  Seems kind of stupid, but just really I want to see people, and try my hardest to get to know them and then I can possibly help them.  It is kind of mind blowing how many people are out there.  I love talking to people.  I also love learning Spanish and being able to communicate with it.  I am really sad this is my last p-day and I really hope I get to speak Spanish a lot.  But if not at least I got to come here!!  

I love the movie nights on Sunday.  I love playing the games of trivia that Elder Jones makes up for us (basically church games for 1000 of us).  I love the devotionals.  I love the service activities.  I love doing stuff with our distrito.  I love sand volleyball.  I love the palm trees.  I love reading the scriptures every day.  I love watching Hermano Ortiz teach people (skilled teacher right here).  I love getting to know people.  I love my teachers.  I love learning Spanish.  I don’t know it is just amazing.  I don't want to leeeaveee.  I love how close to the spirit is always is.  

(((I like how there is not as much pressure)))) 

When asked about her advice to others coming to the CCM:
-Don't drink the milk in the morning without first checking the temperature with your hand.


If you have time watch the MTC devotional by Jeffrey R Holland where he talks about Peter and loving Christ and feeding his sheep.  It was an amazing part of my week.  I have also finished Alma AND I am on chapter 7 reading the Libro de Mormon! Cruising!

Oh fun fact..  I survived the virus!!!  I went to the enfermeria and am taking some anti (you know) pills and I just wear my jacket when I am cold.  #trooper.  Sorry if I made it seem really bad .. President Pratte said we over exaggerate and he had countless parents calling worried.  HA HA.  He was like, “If you are sick GO TO THE DOCTOR”…  so i did.  I am on the road to recovery!

ALSO -I gave my first talk in church on Sunday!  It was pretty awesome.  I loved it!  Oh and I volunteered to say the prayer for a devotional.... in front of 1000 missionaries.... I am questioning my sanity right now.  But I am excited.  

I don’t know if I will be able to email much this next week, but if I do I will be in Sacramento!!!! USA here I come!

And Emily!!!
And her virus!!!

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