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July 29, 2014

Excerpts from Emily’s emails to Darren and I sent on July 29th (when Emily talks about Juliana she is referring to our exchange student from Brazil that we are picking up on August 3rd):

We heard heard via social media that emails were not going through to the CCM, so we asked her if she was getting any physical mail or emails:

I am getting your emails, but that really is happening. My companion’s dad has called a couple of times because he didn’t receive any of the emails! But I think I am getting all of yours! And as far as mail goes, the rumor is it takes 2 weeks to get here soooooo I will get yours eventually. I am thinking since you sent the one right before my birthday I should get it soon.  But there has only been ONE letter come through for my entire district.  My district president said to tell you all to write letters because he gets depressed every time he checks the mail for nada.  When my companion got her one letter it was like a frenzy!! But I am getting all your emails and feeling the love!

The mailman HA 

When asked how the language was going:

 I am definitely not to Spanish-ista quality yet, but my District went to the Mexico City Temple today and I talked to some workers.  Just talking and there was understanding!! I am seriously amazed how much just two weeks of submersion has done for me!!!  The people are so nice too.  My teacher, Hermana Vidrio told us to go talk to people.  I asked, “well don’t they have to be somewhere??....They all look really busy.”  And she just laughed and told me I was used to America.  Americans always have somewhere to be.  She said that anyone will take time to talk to you in Mexico.  I thought that was interesting!

I am learning a lot and studying hard!!  BUT crazy news of the day.  Budadadaaaa!  Armando is our new teacher for the afternoon!  He walked in wearing a suit.

ARMANDO: “Hey guys, my name is Hermano Ortiz and I will be your new teacher!”


He laughed pretty hard.  I knew he wasn’t a real investigator but I didn’t know he would become one of our teachers!!  EXCITING!!  I am excited because I really liked teaching him ( like after the fact when I wasn’t stressed out)!!

So I have the best teachers.  Hermana Vidrio, and Hermano Ortiz.  Hermano Ortiz is a WORK HORSE holy cow.  The only problem is he talks a lot faster than Hermana Vidrio so I am having a struggle.  Every time we say something he is like......... good, BUT SAY IT FASTER!!! MAS RAPIDO!!!! DROP DOWN AND GIVE ME TWENTY!!!! But it’s going to help me a lot!

On life in Mexico:

I loved riding the bus to the temple.  It is just a crazy different culture than small town Richfield and even Salt Lake!! I love it though. The houses are seriously just stacked on top of each other and painted crazy and there is graffiti everywhere and the drivers don’t even drive in the lines. CRAZY DRIVING.  I saw zero speed limit signs.  But I figured out that there are speed bumps placed randomly throughout the road.  So you can go as fast as you want IN-BETWEEN the speed bumps hahaha.  Lizzie would have been FREAKING OUT, probably to the point of tears.  So unsafe.  And I didn’t even have a seat belt!  And there are no crosswalks so people just run across the street all the time!!!   

Heading to the temple!!

There are shops everywhere and they are just garage doors with their business name hand painted on the outside.   It just opens up into the street.  I love it.  I am dedicating a Pinterest board to Mexican architecture because I love the houses, the colors and the metalwork on all of them.  

This is my entire district. We do EVERYTHING together. They are awesome!

So the only other thing about this week is that the water to our entire casa went out the day after my birthday!!! It barely got turned on again.  No bathroom or showers for a whole week.  Okay I really have taken a shower in a week, I just had to travel far to get it.  But other than that I am loving it here sooooo muuuuuucccchh.  I love it.  I have had some good spiritual experiences and I am really enjoying reading the Book of Mormon.  Read it again!!!! It’s the best!!!

More from Emily:

I am excited for you guys to have Juliana!! Crazy that it is already here I am excited for you guys to have her, and I am excited for her.  I would love an opportunity to live for a bit somewhere different!  Which I am!  I am sooo grateful for this experience!

I am doing well! I am actually not TOO stressed out and enjoying myself.  I have only cried and offended my companion once… but we did that all in one blow and now we are good hahahaha.   We also just had a teaching mishap with Armando.  BUT ALL IS WELL.  I lucked out with a good companion!  And the girls in my district are the best.  


I am feeling scattered and don’t really know what to write because I feel like so much has been going on then I sit down and can’t decide what to say.  

But I am doing good and having life time experiences!! I hope you guys have so much fun at the soccer game! 


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