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Excerpts from our e-mails with Emily.
These were received 7/22/2014 (HER 20th birthday!!)
She wrote both Darren and I and it was funny the things she told each of us.


What she told me:

I sat next to 2 people who were not members on my first plane out of Salt Lake and they were hilarious.  (They were from Mississippi and like give me no sass) but I told them I was going on a mission for the church and that if they had any questions to talk to the missionaries!  The lady was like how long are you gone, and when I told them the guy was like WHAT KIND OF PROGRAM IS THAT???? haha funny.}

What she told Darren: My trip to Mexico was really fun.  I converted some people! Just kidding but I did talk to a couple from Mississippi.  If my hands were measured by a seismograph I would guess a 6.2 probably.  But I felt amazing after I did and totally would have regretted if I hadn’t.

We got laid over in Texas for a long time.  But I got to meet all the people going to Sacramento. There are 5 sets of Elders and 2 sets of Sisters!!! We are all going to Sacramento! It is really cool because we are all together in a District here at the CCM (pronounced saysayeme) (learned my alphabet!!!) There are only 4 other people in my district who are not going to Sacramento and they are headed to Fresno.

This is what happens when you tell 80 people to pack for two years. The entire side of the bus was suitcases!
The only picture I got without being photobombed....
About the MTC and Mexico City:

What she told me (Sonja):

We drove through the city to get to the CCM and let me tell you CRAZY.  A million houses everywhere Mexican style.  Stacked on top of each other and colorful.  I really like it, forget brick I am painting my house a color!

What she told Darren:

You should come here it is AMAZING!!!!!  But let’s do it when I am back because I am thinking Mexico City is great.  Yes it is seriously some of the most beautiful things I have seen. The hill with the B has houses all over it (crazy colorful) and at night it is B A Utiful. There are about 700 people here  at the CCM so there are actually a lot.  It is so big and I love it a lot.

I want to live somewhere with Palm trees. I love them.
About MTC life:

My room is shared with four other girls (all going to Sacramento) and we have our own bathroom.  But the shower has NO pressure so we have been using a cup... haha last night for my birthday I wished for a little water pressure AND about 5 minutes into my shower......MILAGRO.  It was one of those little miracles!!  

There are A LOT of bugs! Like I got into my tightly-ish sealed first aid kit for a bandaid (new shoe blisters) and there were a MILLION ants ALL over the coughdrops I had stolen from dad.  Gross!

I rub his head for luck... I need it!

About her companion and roommates:

My new companion's name is Hermana Fly (yes I do arm swishes sometimes but not like a bird swooshes.. like slick person swooshes). She is pretty awesome and from Virginia and we get along pretty well.  

My companion is on the Left in the yellow sweater.

What she had to say about learning the language, their classes, and if she was doing SYL (speak your language) yet:

What she told me (Sonja):

Sister Fly and I have taught our investigator Armando 3 lesssons!!! ALL IN ESPANOL.  Be proud it has been rough.  I was so nervous but after the first time I have felt ok.  We have to pretty much write everything out but I try to not look.  But then that little bugger likes to throw curveballs at as by asking questions totally not related and throwing us off........ He likes it.  He smiles a little inside every time he does I can tell.  It’s funny though, he is really a worker there because we always see him around with his nametag haha.  But still it is a cool experience to get to know them.

Where I have classes is in the Brigham Young building.  How cool is that?
So pretty much these days I eat and drink and breath in espanol.  It is amazing though.  I have learned how to pray, bear my testimony and get to know someone.  It is amazing how much I have already improved.  I can understand my teacher so well, and Armando when we teach him.

BUT then I talk to a worker and......... not so clear haha.

My teacher is Hermana Vidrio, and it’s just a suspicion but I think she is married to Armando... I’ll let you know what I discover.

My teacher, Hermana Vidrio made us this sign. She is so smart and so  HYSTERICAL!

The people here are seriously so amazing.  They are an inspiration to me.  They are so happy all the time!  I love being here and knowing that a lot of my investigators will be from this part of the world! It is soo crazy though, most of the members here have been members forever and it is just a testament to me.  The church is the same.  It is for everyone.  I love it.  AND I can not tell you how many people I have seen with the name Helaman or Alma or etc. hahaha its funny every time that happens.  

So some crazy news.  My comp and I have been made district trainers!! There are about 40 people in my district so INTIMIDATING.  I am so excited though.  We go to a meeting on Friday to get trained.  

What she told Darren: I am not having to SYL yet, but everything is in Spanish.   And I have taught an investigator 3 times..... soooooo pro.  just kidding…  body language and his toleration of horrible grammar got us through that lesson.  

More from Emily:

I told my favorite moment in my letter but here is another one: In Book of Mormon study Hermana Vidrio was talking about the first chapter.  In the beginning we talked about our parents (not such a good idea on our 3 day out.  I LOVE YOU GUYS)  and we talked about our dads ( GREEEEAAAT IDEA) but it was good.  Anyways we talked about Nephi learning from his father.   In the scriptures it says he was taught in the lanjuage of his father, but language is idioma in espanol, not lanjuage. The world lanjuage in Spanish means it is a silent language (with no words).. It is the language of God.  It is crazy how much insight can be put into the words!!!! He taught him how to be a good person and follow Christ.  I love that.  And I would like to say my dad is PRETTY AMAZING.  Shout out to dad!!

My first plaque! Isn't it beautiful? I love it!

Seriously I am so busy.  Every night I am exhausted.  Every moment is sketched out from 6 in the morning.  But I really like it.  I have gotten so much done and I feel really good!!

A candybar made with Nutella. NUTELLA!! A new favorite!

I miss you guys, but I am doing fine!! I really am loving it here so much!!! I love this opportunity.  I am excited to get better and serve in Sacramento!!!

I feel like a million things more have happened, that I could tell you but I am almost out of time):):):):)

I am doing good, and I am happy!

estoy bueno, y estoy feliz¿¿¿ something like that!


A birthday surprise from the Elders in room 42-3!!

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