Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Live like you are dying... (or at least going on a mission)

This post is written by Sonja until Emily send me her information.

Those of you that know Emily will know that until she gets to know you, she is quiet and sometimes shy.

You should never make the mistake of equating her lack of desire to talk to people with being timid in all things in her life.

Emily will try pretty much anything once.

She is also always going Mach 3 with her hair on fire.

The days before her mission were no different.

She was in Provo working until June 20th, leaving us just under a month to get things done at home.  I thought that would leave us plenty of time to get everything ready.

Lets just say on her last day I had to work and GRANDPA of all people was trying to finish getting her packed.  GRANDPA.  This is the man that Grandma has not let him pack anything for years.

Here are some pictures of her adventures:

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