Friday, September 26, 2014


I had asked Emily to write down her advice to anyone assigned to the CCM (the MTC in Mexico). 

She had sent a few funny things but then sent this email a few weeks later:


Take notes at every devotional, Relief Society, and Video Night.

Call your text books RED/ RED MAMA/ RED DRAGON/ BULBASOAR (brought to you by hermano Ortiz)

Take notes from TALL in your big dragon book.

Hit up the nutella bar - 12 grain is where it's at.

Go to bed on time.

Make friends with a worker.  Its good to practice Spanish and it is good to have a friend!

Respect and listen to your teachers!  They can teach you SO much if you will let them.  My teachers are life changers.

Buy Chokis and Bueno Bars.

Buy a picture book.

PRAY OFTEN, and for specific things.

Pray for your investigators, even though they are fake.  They are playing real people that are really close to them.  Treat them with respect if that makes sense.

Play sand volleyball as a distrito.

When you go to the temple buy a shirt and a bag and scripture cases, you will wish you had and they are awesome.

Study all of Preach My Gospel before you come.  Like the whole book.  Study what the simple doctrines are for each lesson.

Review scriptures stories.  Main tool to apply to investigators lives. 

Live what you teach.  Have experience.  If you don't have faith YOU can do it, how will you tell them they need to have faith to overcome and change their lives?

Talk to all the latinos you can.

Memorize scriptures before you come in espanol.

Have faith that you can do it.

Keep a journal no matter what.

Bring hand sanitizer.

Every p-day is a celebration.  Go to the tienda and try all the icecream!

Wash your hands frequently.  There are viruses about.

CCM does not provide tide/detergent.  And always put they setting on the coldest or you run the risk of melting/shrinking your clothes.  True story.

Don't be late for anything.

Bring water protective shoes/coat/umbrella.  Carry at all times. 

Bring basketball shorts for gym time and p-days.

If shower doesn't work use your water bottle. 

Don't keep any kind of food in room.  It will be found by a million ants.

Get close to the girls in your zone.

Be friends with your teachers.

Do demonstration teachings all the time.

Don't freak out if you have bad lessons. 

You don't have to be a perfect teacher.  There will be things that you really don't know.  Its ok.  You are a representative of Jesus Christ.  He WAS a perfect teacher.  Its ok to say that.

Every bad deprecating feeling can be combated by JESUS CHRIST.


Thank you
You will love the CCM.

My favorite parts
Singing Called to Serve at all the devotionals.
The Nutella Bar with 12 grain bread.
The movie nights
The Elder Holland devotionals
Pizza night on Tuesdays
The palm Trees
Seeing parrots
MY TEACHERS TEACHING.  WOW.  Ask your teachers a million questions.  Get to be friends with them.  They can teach you SOOO MUCH.  And just work really hard, you will get through it and love it. 

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