Friday, September 26, 2014

September 15, 2014 TEMPLE TRIP!!

Tell dad I loved his Proverbs scripture.  That is hilarious.

I don't know if I have told you this already but I LOVE SACRAMENTO.  Did you know that the short name for Sacramento is the City of Trees?  Seriously there is everything.  Palm + Pine + random  + fat palms + giant redwoods.  I love the redwoods.  We have to go there when you pick me up!  Anyways I am where I am supposed to be!  And I love Spanish. It is definitely coming along.  Frustrating sometimes, but I am getting better at least!!


I am pleased to announce I am the proud mother of about 40 little tiny pocito baby Sea Monkeys!!!! I love them!  It says not to have pets of any kind, but I am pretty sure our shower is probably growing just as much stuff so I think I am good!!  I loved it though thank you so much!

My Bishop’s wife said her daughter saw a picture of me on Facebook, because you had been posting stuff on some missionary moms page???  Quuueeee???  Hahaha mom.  You are funny.  And Facebook is weird.  My Bishop’s wife saw it haha.  Small world!

I need help.  My companion, this is her last transfer after training me!!  So it is tradition to make them a trunky planner.  We cover our planners with pictures from the ensign and etc but this one needs to have like men (appropriate of course) and stuff like that.  Will you help me, or do you have any good ideas?  I want to make it good!

Want to hear something funny? My miracle Michelle has 2 kids named Genesis and Matteo.  When she joins the church (hoping hoping hoping) she could name her next kid NEPHI!!!  It’s brilliant!  Now she has to join the church!

This week has been good.  We have been showing we mean business at least!  We are calling and visiting and leaving notes like crazy.  The problem is no one respects our appointments ever.  So all the teaching I have basically done has been on the street or on people’s porches.  Crazy.  Not what I pictured when I thought of missionary work haha.  There is so much spent time chasing people.  haha.  But it makes it so awesome when we do have miracle people like Michelle and Jose.   Good times. 

EXAMPLE:  We went to talk to Jose and we asked him if he had read what we left him in the Book of Mormon.  When he said he had, we both like CHEERED!!  He loved us cheering…  he thought it was so funny. I love moments like that.  

I haven't been liking it a ton though (like I definitely love it out here, but I have a long way to go still!)  because we do a lot of doorstep stuff.  I can’t find the perfect balance of “yes I am on your porch + what I share will change your life for you and your children for ETERNITY + hi how are you? + you have a nice lawn, + no I am not selling anything”.  I don't know it is just really hard for me!

It is crazy too because people really don't care.  You tell them that there is a prophet of God on the earth again same as the Bible, God is the same then, now and forever... and they are like..... whatever. … doesn't mean anything to me basically.  I have to work on applying it to them.  Which is just hard when you don't know them.  Hahaha.  I will figure it out soon I hope.  Any suggestions anyone?

Anyways I have resolved to just do my best and keep the faith and I will be guided to people and we will find people that are willing to listen to us!!!!  RENEWED MOTIVATION!!! Ya go day 20 hahaha!

I love learning Spanish though.  I speak it all the time, I was worried about that but I speak it sooo much.  So I will definitely be able to speak hopefully good Spanish soon!!

Hey mom this will make you happy.  I am now the Relief Society pianist.  hahaha.  Be proud.

I ALSO WAS ABLE TO GO TO THE TEMPLE!  It was Angeles first time doing baptisms for the dead!  It was a great day.  Angeles is the one sending you all the pictures!  She doesn't know very much English just in case you have responded haha.  It was a beautiful experience.

Well folks, the church is true.  I could not write a 100th part of my week.  But this is what I deem most important!!  Be glad I saved you from about 1,059 door encounters haha. Feel lucky.


I want to hear about your trip! (TELL ME MORE TELL ME MORE)

I am excited to hear about it next week!!
Have a super good week!  Good luck with your new job!  Good luck dad with his jobs!  Tell everyone good luck with school!  

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