Monday, July 20, 2015

June 29th

I got your letter!  It was really what I need, and I have been trying to do what you said :)  

We said goodbye to President and Sister Jardine this week.  It was a sad experience.  

President and Sister Palmer landed in Sacramento yesterday night!  We got calls from our new AP's that we were going to have our first meeting with him this Wednesday, as well as a Modesto mission wide conference.  It will be fun!

Can I have Lizzy's email?  I want to be able to give her BYU tips (like not to wait forever to sign up because you will be on waiting lists.... hahaha)  It will ease my mind if I can talk to her. 

Well that Tea Party pic of you and Elissa just came through.  You will have to tell me all your fun stories.  I miss you all a lot.  Hope you are having a good summer!



Hermana Sheffer

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