Monday, July 20, 2015

July 6th - I am going to be an awkward RM



It was really fun because I got it hand delivered by President Palmer.  So my President now thinks you are the coolest creative loving mom ever.  Which is all super true.  

Thank you so much you are the best!  P.s. I am super excited about that Panda Express gift card.

I think I am going to be an awkward Returned Missionary … just so that you know and are prepared.  I just say this because we were watching fireworks outside where it is semi-dark with lots of people, and I had a little moment of like, “GET ME OUT OF HERE”.  I did not feel like I belonged there at all.  It was the weirdest sensation ever.  

BUT my Fourth of July was seriously amazing.  There were lots of flags all over Manteca with some airplane flyovers.  Hermana Cuesta and I went to a BBQ with some of our members, and then we got ice-cream at Baskin Robbins, and then we went and played sports with our zone.  Then we watched fireworks!  Only for a bit, because we had to be inside.  So Hermana Cuesta and I lit off sparklers with our stove and waved them outside.  haha.  Then I made my new planner with a patriotic theme.  
I studied in the Guide for the study of the scriptures about Liberty and I loved JOHN 8:32. 2 CORIN 3:17. DyC 38:22. 
We had weekly correlation meeting with our Ward Mission Leaders Alfred and Leilani, and Alfred brought us all vegan ice-cream and fruit. We had our meeting outside instead of in the church. 
Exxxxo is doing really good.   He passed the sacrament Sunday, and he wore his first tie ever!  The Elders basically tied it on him.  He has the best personality ever.  He is just so humble and does everything that he needs to that is right.  He is an inspiration for me that is for sure!  I feel like he is my person.  Hermana Cuesta says that we are basically the same person.  We have trouble communicating sometimes, and sometimes we think way too much about things, and we are always semi-worried.  Hahaha.  But he is doing amazing.
We had our first ever Modesto mission conference.  I went to my first Missionary Leadership Council and met President and Sister Palmer.  They are the sweetest people you will ever meet.  I am so excited to work with them.  President Palmer kept crying, and I was like, “Ya, you remind me of my whole family”.  I am pretty excited to be part of something new and pioneer a mission. 
President showed us pictures of missionaries from black and white photo days serving where we are now.  This area has grown a lot! (hey my uncles are probably color living days, but that is soo cool that they served in this area too!!) . They did a call that they need Senior missionaries in this area.   They said if you know anyone that is ready to do it, give them their numbers and they will call you to serve!  Hey hey!  Come serve with me!!  Also the Fresno missionaries are intense.... They kept going like "you don't do this?" "ooohhh." and then we said AP's and they are like it’s “Assistants to the President - don't abbreviate anything!”
I am going to have a lot to work on because it is a process to delete habits.  Hermana Skidmore tried to get me to stop saying “Guys”, and it drove me CRAZY how much I said it without even thinking about it.  But I am excited to learn from everyone. 
Only one Elder from Fresno was in my CCM group, and the rest stayed in Fresno.  So that was weird but fun!
I have only had one really negative gay experience here, but sounds like we might be hearing a little more lately.  But everyone here is usually super nice, they just won’t listen to you.  
Well got to go love you all, and I am sending letters hopefully today.  It has been TTTTOOOOOOOOOOO   LLLLLOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGg.

Hermana Sheffer

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