Monday, July 27, 2015



I am super happy this week because I had an amazing birthday!  You are all awesome!

Here is a lowdown of my birthday....

Hermana Cuesta woke me up to "GO DOWN MOSES" by Lower Lights, which is one of my favorite songs ever on the mission. 

Then we went and played soccer with all the Elders and Sisters. 
Then I took a huge long shower because Hna Cuesta made me (and I loved it). 
 Then she decorated and made me pancakes out of cake batter so they were basically cakes with strawberries and cream cheese frosting. 
Then she serenaded me with her ukulele. 

Then the mailman came with my package and I opened it right then.  Then I wore my new clothes :)  I love that shirt a lot! 
Then we went out and worked haha.  But a person told me my Spanish was really good so that was a little birthday present. 

Then we had dinner with Exxxxo in a taqueria!!  Everyone was there to watch the Mexico vs Panama futbol game so we got to peek a little.... MEXICO WON!!! 

 Exxxxo gave Hna Cuesta and I plants to plant, and then little glass things that he found at the pulga I think. 


That night all the Elders and Sisters in my district came and sang and surprised me with a banner over the door!  The Elders made me a cake and put dinosaurs all over it. 
Yesterday though, the family Haro bought me a birthday cake to shove my face into, and I got to be part of the tradition!!  It was on my bucketlist to have my face shoved into the cake on my birthday so I was a happy camper.  I was proud because I dodged the cake pretty well haha.  


I already lent Leilani my cookbook because she was really enthralled haha.  

I was doing a Family Home Evening with a less active family with young children, and I was like, “We should play the corner game”.  So we did, and they LOVED IT.  Haha I was like, “ya my parents are the coolest …. they played this game with me too”.  It was a hit!

I am still asking around about big trees and Yosemite and which to visit.

This is not a trunky thought, I just want to know if I could become a pharmacist through a pathway or something in the Air Force.  Could you look it up for me?

This week was also amazing in the missionary work part.  We have had a SLOW 5 weeks, but we have been really trying to help our members do missionary work and we are seeing results!  All their friends who see their amazing examples.  We are teaching someone named Lxxxxe right now who does Zumba with the hermanas in our ward.  We went by to see her.  She has a 2 year old with aggressive autism.  He sleeps 3 hours a day and is crazy active everywhere the rest of those hours.  She is a superhero mom.  I could just feel the spirit so strong being in her loving presence.  She wants to be baptized and she has loved what the Hermanas have helped her overcome.  She wants to be part of the church.  While we were talking, her son crawled into her arms..... AND FELL ASLEEP.  We talked for 45 minutes and he was out of it.  She said she knew God was with us because he never sleeps during the day.  She said that was the first time that it had happened.  It was a miracle, and it is cool to see her love and desire to learn.  She is a superhero mom. 

I am always learning that is for sure, and I hope you are all too!

Thanks for everything!

Peace out ‘til next Monday.

Hermana Sheffer

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