Monday, July 20, 2015



Will you see if Elizabeth got my emails?  If she didnt respond that is fine, I just want to see if she got them?

This week was very unnormal, and I had some pretty crazy experiences!  One of our Hermanas had to go to the hospital because she has not been able to eat normally for 6 months. 

Her whole mission

It had gotten so bad that she had not eaten for 4 days straight when she finally got admitted to the hospital.  They submitted her and for 3 days did tests to find out what was wrong.  In those three days I got to stay one of the nights with her in the hospital while our companions did exchanges and worked in Stockton.  I slept on a little recliner chair next to her bed which was next to a lady watching those movies about people murdering people historically....aaaahhhh.  Like the cases of murder.  Freaky, but I was able to fall asleep quick thank goodness.  

They were able to pinpoint that it was her gall bladder and she got it removed!!  Craziest thing. Poor girl though she was SIIIIICCCKKK.  She is now staying with President and Sister Palmer at their house.  President and Sister Palmer were there in and out and it was really fun to get to know them.  I feel like they are going to be really good friends with me.  

But it was fun to be back in Stockton again.  Hermana Cuesta and I went out around 9:45 to grab our suitcases and heard 3 gunshouts pop off and basically ran back inside the hospital haha.  I have a new desire to become a Pharmacist again!  I thought a lot about my future while I sat in that hospital, and hopefully everything works out good.  I got to eat hospital food and got to make a new friend with the Hermana, and I was just really happy.  It was just a little different from the normal, and it was a good thing for just a day.  I was able to share the gospel in normal situations which I think was good for me to see that it isn’t too hard to share and I can do it after my mission very easily…I don’t know it was just good.  

Exxxxo is doing really well.  He is terrified of speaking publicly and Obispo called 4 random people from the audience to share their testimony this Sunday because someone didn’t show up for their talk. He called Exxxxo’s name.  He was able to share a little story and then bore his testimony!  He quoted from memory a scripture from the Bible and a scripture from Doctrine and Covenants and I was so proud.  He did so good for being so nervous.  I just want to go buy him a million ties!!  He is awesome.  

I met someone randomly on the streets and he is related to C. de Vaca who I guess plays for REAL SLC.  Look him up!!!  I met his uncle! 

We haven’t spent a ton of time in our area this week but it is good to be back in Manteca!!  We are going on one month till HNA Cuesta goes home.  CRAZY!

Thanks for the pictures and the emails

Love you a bunch!

Hermana Pimienta hahaha   

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