Tuesday, May 5, 2015


 Heeeeyyyyy eh he eh heh :)

Hey it is transfers this week!  Hermana V and I are staying together in Manteca and we are getting English sisters in Manteca!! We are not going to be alone!!!  I LOVE LIFE!!

I have it arranged to Skype probably from the time of 2:00 -4:00 on Sunday, somewhere in that time range!  We are set for that!  (YOU HAVEN'T OPENED  YOUR PRESENT RIGHT????) 

This week we also are going to have the baptism of Exxxxo!!  It is really exciting, and I love the times that we have had with him.  He loves the earth too.  He taught us how to crack walnuts by having two in your hand at the same time and squeezing.  He is also reading everything the church has ever produced and loving it. 

Bxxxxo got a job so he has been missing a lot of church and I miss him!!

I had a fun week with service and lessons and ya.

Here are some pictures:

My LAST planner.

I will tell you why this is PERFECT!
First - it has the sun faded picture of Jesus that I wanted to use for my last planner ever.  
Second - it has the ocean.  
Third - it has palm trees.  
Fourth - the palms are what people would lay before Jesus when He entered cities and stuff.  
Fifth - they would also say Hosanna.  
Sixth - Hosanna means Save now.  
Seventh - That is the work we are doing as missionaries. 
PRETTY GOOD RIGHT???  It is a little random but oh well I think it was inspired!

Someone asked about a picture of our apartment I think. 
((I conveniently hid my desk hahaha))

My future house.  I love it.

These kittens were just born!! 

It was so small!!
I found the cutest kitten in the whole world!  It is grey and fluffy with bright blue eyes!!! I want it!!!

We were waiting for the elders to go to do our Man up Service Monday (the day before transfers we have an extra day of work before pday! It is tradition to do lots of service on that day!) Anyways while waiting I decided to climb a redwood tree!!!
Can check that one off the bucket list!!!

Here is my woodland creature hair after climbing the redwood tree. HA HA
For service we painted the white fence white.  

We went and bought pan bread for our Family History activity!!!! Sadly only ONE person came.  It was our investigator Exxxxo haha.  He liked it a lot though.  He likes everything we talk about though!

We had a Mothers Day party and they hired a singer that sang BOLERO style of music.  I LOVED IT.  I bought one of his CD's :)  I am going to listen to it AFTER my mission.  I told him that he needs to sign it so he went and found a sharpie and wrote me an awesome note inside my CD haha!!!

We had our last Sports Futbol morning together and Elder Yi made us all Yi smoothies, and we drew on the chalkboards.  
My companion drew everyone in the districts portraits!!!!!  It was hilarious. (I drew her portrait drawing the portrait haha)


Hermana Vergaray experienced the Manteca Missionary tradition put on by Hermano Cortez!  He tells his conversion story in a dinner appointment, and he always ends with pineapple.  He saw this one time that he was in Hawaii.  He was there a lot because he was in the Navy when he was baptized!  One of his crewmates was a Mormon and was totally sharing the gospel with everyone.  Now he is a super active missionary himself, and I always love hearing his story.  Motivation to go super hard core missionary.  Goooood memories!!

 It makes me want to join the Navy too haha.

We got to go to the temple today!
I love going to the temple.  I woke up at 5 no problem I was so excited to go!  I love driving and road trips, and I love how the temple helps me a lot in my missionary work.  It is a good motivator! 
I love my eternal Father in Heaven!

I can't tell which picture is the best as they are small so ya here ya go.

Have a great week!

Here are the rest of the pictures my companera drew:

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