Monday, April 27, 2015

APRIL 27 - My voice rising from Sacramento to the world

Algunas experiencias que me gusto de la semana pasada.  

Tuvimos dos personas que asistieron a la iglesia este domingo!  Fue una experiencia muy buena.  Les gusto todo y quieren regresar el proximo domingo!  Eliseo regreso a la iglesia y le dimos un libro del principios del evangelio.  El estaba muy emocionado!!  El ha leyido hasta Jacob en el libro do mormon! Y entiende todo que ha estudiado. Entonces lo hizo feliz para recibirlo.  Mas para estudiar.   Porque he is eating everything up.   

Just kidding!  English time.

Church was really good.  Exxxxo is really prepared and I feel like he is really feeling it.  I can”t imagine coming from another church to ours.  It is like the Kingdom of God here on the earth.  Everything just makes sense and you can feel it.  I was imagining that the other day, and it made me really motivated.  We have something really special.  So here it is people.  I have a commitment for ALL of you.  My voice rising from Sacramento California to the world.  Will you seriously study the gospel?  We have been given so much to study and learn from and these things help us so much in our lives.  Study journal 30 minutes and the scriptures!  Our Heavenly Father is an active part of our lives and I feel like we see it more when we are taking the time to study what he has given us.  I know lots of people already do that, but I know I didn’t. I wish I would have done that before the mission.  I can't believe how many “Ellen” and “Jimmy Fallon” shows I watched without reading the scriptures.  I am sad to admit it :(  But I will forever work on being better at that!  I love the study journal I have started.  I am reading the Book of Mormon right now and it is really good.  I am finding things like crazy that I need to hear, and also for the people I am teaching.  It is so good.  Exxxxo believes the Book of Mormon and loves it so much.  He is having some conflicts with his family about investigating this church, but he was like "I was like Nefi in the scriptures and I defended the truth against my brothers!"  I was like aaaaahhhhh.  You are awesome.  Already applying the scriptures!!  He also said that we will talk about something and then later he will find it again in the scriptures so he knows it is true.  He is amazing.  

We are having a Family History night this Sunday and I am super excited so I made a flyer!!

We went thrifting for the first time in Manteca and we found 50 cent palm tree shirts.   :) hahahaha  Mine is the coolest shirt ever.  Hermana V found one too so we wore them to service together! 

We volunteer at the food bank two times a week.

So this week was a little rough…just combating the natural man stuff.  Little things would annoy me to death and I was completely unreasonable.  I hate it when that happens.  So I studied an attributo de Cristo.  I won’t tell you which one hahaha. 

I am a work in progress. 

But I love my mission and all the experiences that I have had.  I love the people, and I wish I could have done better in some things.  

(note from Sonja – I told Emily I am working on memorizing “The Living Christ” for our ward goal and that she should memorize it in Spanish) I have “The Living Christ” in Spanish so I agree.  That would be super cool.  I want to learn it now!!!

I got your memes and they are awesome!!  I hung some up on my wall.  Also I was wondering if you had a moment if you could send me some pictures of whales?  I want to make my last planner cover with whales.  I have a plan.  We were considering doing our trunky planners already because it will be our last planner covers, but then I decided against it haha. 

Earth day was really fun!  I wore an elephant shirt and ate a shake in the morning and that was it :( but its ok I celebrated in my heart.   Speaking of holidays  I AM EXCITED FOR MOTHERS DAY!!

Love you all a lot!

Hermana Sheffer

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