Thursday, April 9, 2015

Mid Week letter

NOTE FROM SONJA:  Emily sent a handwritten letter this week. It was seriously great.  I am so proud of her! I wanted to add a few excerpts from it as it had great tidbits about her missionary life.


I thought I would write you a letter :)  I just wanted to say thank you for sending all the letters. Seriously. Last transfer was rough because it was hard to work and work together, and there were was just a lot of things going on. But seriously the last 2 1/2 weeks were probably the best of my mission. I was sad to see my companion go.  I got to learn so much last transfer because I was the one speaking all the time. And I got a bajillion letters. You guys rock! I also just felt really good because I was fighting a battle where I was on top. Like things may be hard but I was doing my best and was here trying to do what I'm supposed to do so there wasn't any internal battle going on.  Anyway I just wanted to say that good things end up happening from hard situations!  


I really like Manteca becuase we are really close as a district. There are 4 sets of us here, and we have Manteca Spirit. It is because every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday we play futbol or milk jug lacrosse at 6:15 a.m. in the church gym. It was kind of a pain at first, but it has become a sustaining influence in my life. We all have goofy memories (i.e. for every time we hit a stack of chairs or something a missionary yells "TITHING MONEY".... ha ha ha I think that is hilarious!).  We all have game nicknames.  We also go to a food bank (like a MAJOR MAJOR one) and sort giant tubs or oranges from the rotten oranges.  Or we find carrots and spell each other's names.  

I just love Manteca a lot!  I have a feeling that Hermana Vergaray and I are going to find someone and baptize them!  She is a go-getter for sure! I never got to bed before 10:30 because I think it is a waste of time, but I have done it twice this week! Haha fiery newby is gonna wear me out!

I have a dream. I want to never go a day again without studying my scriptures again! I want to be super obedient and live the hardest life ever (not really wishing hard times on myself hahahaha) and be happy about it! That is the hardest thing for me, is not to get so wrapped up in myself!

Our Relief Society president is named Hermana Carino. Ha ha that is like love, but a tender love for everyone rather than a romantic love.  It is HILARIOUS!

Thanks for the updates! I know how hard it is to write letters but they really make me happy!  Thank you for writing me and supporting me!  

Side story -
The Sister Training Leaders had assigned my old companion to keep a "Good Thing A Day/Miracle" journal.  Hermana Cavazos gave it to me at the end of the transfer. It was the sweetest thing and so now I am starting one for my greenie :) Hers is going to be 80 pages long haha! It is just a a really happy summary.

- Enjoy conference!
-Read your Scriptures!
-Go to the Temple!
- Love Life!

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