Monday, April 6, 2015


So this week was just amazing.  Manteca is exploding with miracles.  

We have been meeting cool people that are accepting the gospel pretty well, and we have a whole bunch of leads with people that I am excited to pursue if that makes sense.  We found 2 members of the church that are menos activo but not in our records, and we are now teaching 4 solid-ish people!  Exciting stuff!  

Fun thing this week is we went biking for the first time!  Hermana Vergaray was really funny haha.  We had to do some practice turns in the parking lot.  Some guy stopped and said . “You must be the Mormons…” and then gave us tips on riding bikes haha. 
We started off good, talking with everyone we saw. We talked to this person who stands on the corner and dances with the signs for advertisement.  We talked for a long time and he almost came to general conference!  The elders are teaching him and said it is going awesome!  Every single person we talked to on the bikes spoke Spanish or had talked to missionaries before and almost got baptized so #miracles.


And we rocked the helmets!  People think its is awesome we ride bikes.  
We weren't ready for this picture. HA. After bike slushies

We also met a man who received an answer from God through a black mark on his pancakes he was making.  The black mark looked a little like the recycling man but he was bending over.  So it looked like he was leaning down to pick something up.  He said it was Jesus reaching down to help him.  His wife was like, "there is no way I am eating that" and he was like "I'M EATING IT!" and he ate the whole pancake haha.  The pictures were funny though.  

This week we also met my personal dog high.  We contacted someone that had 8 chihuahuas yapping around us.... 8.... i counted them all!!  It was impossible to share anything… but they told us to go away so we weren't there too long anyway ha.
Speaking of rejection Hermana Vergaray got her first door in the face. 

#Missionary progression (haha).  

It has actually only happened like 3 times on my whole mission though.  Which I think is really amazing.  People are usually really nice!

There was a sign on one of the doors that said NO SOLICITING.  And Hermana V was like "We aren't soliciting, were sharing"  Then I was like "NO SHARING!" and then we made a super long chain.

NO LOVE means

We went on forever it was hilarious :)

Also a funny mistake I made is we were praying in the car and I was saying "tocar su corazon" which means like touch their heart, receive the message, enter into the way kind of plea.  But I accidently said "tocar en su puerta"  Which means knock on their door.  Haha we use those words a lot haha.  

I paid attention to all 10 hours of the conference and I am super sad I have not done it my whole life.  It was SO GOOD.  ALL of it!!!  My favorite sessions were Saturday morning and Sunday morning.  I have no doubt in my mind of the witnesses we have of Jesus Christ.  I love the church.  I love the motivation I have.  I have something I can improve on from every talk.  I made my notes with squares for the scriptures I want to find that were quoted, and also arrows with things I want to do. 

We tried really hard to get people there.  But we couldn't.  One person was like "I am making tortillas I can't" and I was like "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH THIS IS THE PROPHET OF THE LORD!! "  But I also made a resolution to watch all the Conferences for the rest of my life, and not let little things get in the way of the big things.  I left all my notes at home,  but I really liked Bednar’s talk.  Maybe more next week don't have time to write down all my loves of Conference!  TBC!!!

Easter was fun because I spent my Easter dinner with an older couple in our ward, and they told us all the inner workings of the Catholic church and how it is.  They were hard core Catholic for a long time.  It was perfect because I have been wondering a lot about it lately.  They actually have 12 apostles as well and a 70.  I am also reading the Bible more than ever and LOVE IT.  I have a study guide which guides me through the stuff that is really awesome which helps a lot.  It is like my mission version of netflix.  I come home excited at night to read from the bible.  I really like MOSES too.  Like in the end of the D&C.  

I took Hermana Vergaray to In-N-Out for the FIRST TIME IN HER LIFE!!!
A really nice man took our picture, and we were able to talk to him a bit! Miracles in Manteca! Happening like crazy!

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE EASTER EGGS.  They accidently sent them all to me for some reason, but I honestly redistributed them to the proper people.  I only kept one to eat (Hna Hurleys because she left from her mission the end of March). 


Also tell Aunt Regina a GIANT THANK YOU.  So fun getting mail!  

Also I got dad’s Postcards.  And moms’s letter.  And Elizabeth’s letter.  And Juliana’s Letter.  Y’all da best.  Also dads email.  And a letter from GMA.  And postcard funnies from Ashlee.  



You are all awesome!  Thank you!  I love you a lot!! Have a great week.


p.s. I am sending you something in the mail(like a box, and you CAN'T I repeat CAN'T open it until mothers day.  DO YOU HEAR??  
By pain of sin.
(I signed electronically for you)

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