Wednesday, May 27, 2015


This week was great!  We did many cool service projects and met lots of cool people to teach.  

Manteca goes all out for memorial day and there are A MILLION flags on all the streets.  They had the Vietnam War memorial and had giant flags hanging from cranes.  They also had fly-overs with the military planes, and the double bladed helicopters. ALL WEEKEND. It has been a fun week and I am glad I got to experience it here.  I am praying I get to stay here for the 4th of July because I would just LOVE IT.  The museum asked us to work at their service 4th of July event and help sell fireworks!!  

They love us at the museum! This week they asked us to help them sort all their newspapers by date because it was just a giant stack. I was blasting through the past - it was the best!  

They have the local newspapers from the terrorist attack, the impeachment, World War II and lots of other events.  I felt like I was on National Treasure! They asked us at the museum to be in their newspaper to all of Manteca :)  We are going to be famous!!

We got to work at the Vietnam memorial wall, and it was sad to see all the names of people who had died in the war.  58,300 names.  17 were from Manteca.  We got to help people stencil the names of family, and find the names on the wall.  I talked one of them about his military service and he answered a lot of questions I had about serving.  I felt it was an answer to a prayer meeting. 
I think I want to work communications in Spanish with the Coast Guard. They also have a cool flag.
Exxxxo still has kidney stones, and is going through a hard time in general.  He is amazing though because he still came to church, and brought his pain medication with him just in case something happened.  We are thinking his mom isn't doing too great either.  If you could remember him in prayers, that would be nice.  

It has been COOOOLLLLDDDD.  My companera needed to borrow my jacket as she was freezing!

I am excited for iPads tomorrow!  It is going to be interesting to see how different studying will be.  I am trying to organize how I am going to work study journals and studying the online scriptures or my own set....  I like to draw on them and everything so ya.  We will have to see!  I just want to read every book that has ever come out by the prophets.  I want to start my own library where only spiritually good books and creative greatness can reside.  Like the goodness of the whole earth library.  I will have it hardcover!  

Also we had a vegan day!  Lxxxxxi and Sxxxxa are both vegans in our ward, so we went out and ate Chipotle (thanks to Aunt Ashlee and her gift cards) and got the Tofu.  It was delicious and a good time together. 

I love being a missionary, and I am not very good at expressing it.  But I am grateful for every day that I have here.  I love my mission, and I love being a witness for the best thing that we can have!  

Thanks for providing for me to be here, and loving me always!

I know that this week is going to be a tough one, but I am thinking of you and praying for you!  Don't be sad because its over, smile because it happened!!! We believe in eternities :)

Love you all!  I

Hermana Sheffer

I would formally like to make a request.............I want to hear more about:
Lizzy and her adventures :)
What does a selfie stick look like and how does it function with the buttons and all?
Skyler coming home.
Plans for summer. 

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