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October 14 - Happy Birthday Dad!

This is basically our whole ward after watching general conference! We had a potluck.  It is crazy how small our ward is, but it is awesome! I love it. 

SURPRISE! Our area got a new set of sisters so we moved apartments into a 2 bedroom/and bath.  It is really fun to live together and at the end of the day to feel like we are going to a home.  Sister Hurley and Sister Porter are their names!  It is great to have a home with other people in it.  It is just more fun.

This is all 8 of us Spanish speaking missionaries.

Hermanas Sheffer, Skidmore, Porter, and Hurley. 

Elders Harris, Rindlesbacher, Ward, and Poulton.

This is us in the church library making our new area makes since a lot of things have changed adding in a new set of missionaries!  I am just excited to have sisters!

This is us welcoming in our new house with some cake.


This is me enjoying my new bunk bed.  I don't know why I am sending this one but.... ya.  TAI CHOW. (note from Sonja - I'm more shocked that her socks actually match than I am at this picture)

This is Hermana Skidmores finished trunky planner.  It says, "Man dulce" (play on the words Pan Dulce).  It is suuper clever I promise.  But ya finding good men from just Ensigns was a little harder than I anticipated.  But this is it haha.  Thought you might like to see it.  


My first Helote!! SO GOOD.  They have this section of town where the vendors set up their carts, and they play Mexican music and sell pictures of the Virgin Mary and tacos from taco carts.  I loved it

This is our main girl!  Her name is Gxxxxxxx and these are her two sons!  They are awesome and love coming to church!  They even come to English classes!  She really loves the church and I am so excited to know her! Her kids are Axxx and Baby Jxx.  Axxx loves Cars (like the Disney movie). It is hilarious.  Baby Jxx is just the sweetest baby you will ever meet!
We see her almost everyday.  She is super cool.


Funny story.  The sisters car got towed.  Not funny actually.  They paid a lot of money but it was unfair so it is a little sad.  But the tow place was totally sketchy.    Hopefully they get their money back because it was towed illegally.  Someone isn't telling the truth in this at least.  But ya good times!!!!

This is our new friend!! We are teaching her and she decided to  get baptized on November 16! She is 12.  Her name is Exxxxxxxx and totally reminds me of my Elizabeth!  She is hilarious!! And super smart!! And she is totally a ballet dancer.  She is awesome. She walked into the bishops office and asked to get baptized... Ok MIRACLE!  So we are teaching her.  She comes to church with her grandma and loves it.


We made it to the air force base!!!! It was so cool.  That giant green plane is one used in the Berlin Air Lift!! Our tour guide was the cutest old man that flew for the navy!  So much fun!  When they took the plane apart to clean it there was a ton of coal dust in the plane because that is what it transported to Germany mostly.  That is what the people needed.  #goseemeetthemormons.  The cancandy bomber section was my favorite!!

Rancho Cordova which is basically Sacramento makes the rocket engines that they use to send stuff to SPACE.

We also saw a plane that was used in desert storm and there were a million bullet holes that you could see throughout the whole plane.

We also got to go inside a giant Fed Ex Cargo plane.  They have to weigh everything before they put it on the plan because the weight has to be evenly spread out throughout the entire plane or the balance will be off!

Our guide said he was flying planes for the Navy by the time he was 19 and a half!!??  Crazy.  I loved it today!

And a note to Darren:

DAD!  FELIZ CUMPLEANOS!!!!  How are you and the fam?  

Hermana Skidmore is a workhorse and does not want to leave so I am not having any problems there haha!  Which is good that is how I want it to be!  Time is going by so slow, but at the same time I have been gone for 3 months which is crazy!  It feels like a lot longer just to say that!  

I am loving it in Sacramento.  It is going good.   We also had an amazing experience with a family where we taught them the first vision and it was like a classic missionary moment where the whole family is like WE ARE COMING TO CHURCH ON SUNDAY.  I have such a warm feeling everywhere and the dad said the prayer at the end, and it was our first lesson with them ever! I am excited to keep teaching them.  They are from El Salvador and have lived here in US just 2 years! They have 2 daughters and a son and they are just the happiest sweetest family.  Those people are out there we just have to keep looking.  The family came from a referral from the English elders just outside talking to people so ya.  It is exciting!!

I am glad to hear everything is great at home!  Sounds like you guys are having a ton of fun!  

I hope your birthday was great!!  Park pass is definitely a good choice haha.  I am glad you are alive.  Thanks for thinking about me, I have been kind of trying to block you guys out haha.  I mean that in the best way possible!! haha.  I have just realized I need to be out here to be a missionary!  

Staying out of trouble....

Love Emily!

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