Friday, October 10, 2014

OCTOBER 7th - #crazyquickemail

Last week I complained about getting a short email.  Well I should not have complained as THIS week I didn't get anything at all on Monday. It was rough. I finally got a smart phone and you should have seen me refreshing that sucker over and over again. I was one sad momma.

I was driving to SLC on Tuesday when all of a sudden emails started popping up. YAYYY!!  


Ssooooo sorry about last week.  But we live right next to an Airforce base so I was wanting to go since I've gotten here! We went with the elders in our distrito.  It looks AMAZING!  I got to wear jeans and my NASA shirt.  Loving life..... EXCEPT.... museums closed on Mondays ONLY. 
#mylife #missionlife #lookslikeweareplayingbballenlacapillaotravez #nolife #jk #missionarylife

Us at the Aerospace Museum we didn't actually go in.

Then the commencement to the childs park next door to spend our pday...haaaaaaaaa
I am thinking it would kind of be fun to do ROTC at BYU though.  It kind of inspired me.  We have pdays on Tuesday next week as well so we might try again next week.  AND a member gave us a coupon for it!!! 4 dollars each! bargain!  This world is so cool.  I love living right next to an airport/base. 

Mexican Hot chocolate with pan dulce

Conference was amazing!!! My favorite day was Saturday.  Morning was my FAVORITE because every single talk answered questions of my SOUL.  I did the whole focus on needs of me and I was totally getting answers.  I took a LOT of notes.  THE CHURCH IS SOO TRUE!!! Read the first session again because I loved it!

Sunday was good too, I was working on Hma Skidmores trunky planner!! So it was really fun just to be glueing away in the church haha. 

Our ward in between conference sessions. Potluck.



I was on exchanges in East SAC and the gossip was that the prophet was going to announce that girls could serve 2 year missions because all the extensions of missions had been canceled.  You should have seen me holding on to every word that prophet said haha.  I was kind of majorly keyed up about it haha.  But nothing sooo I will be back as planned!

I ate the biggest pizza of my life


 I didn't get your package whoever sent it or any letters this week because it is transfer Tuesday!! We are staying in North Sac!!! AND WE ARE GETTING ANOTHER SET OF SISTERS!!! We have been the only ones.  They are Spanish too! So our tiny little ward now has 8 missionaries.  WOW.

AND YES I did get to watch meet the Mormons.  It was good.  My favorite part was the candy bomber.  It just shows how God works and how it is through really small and simple things that HUGE miracles happen.  Hey I want some gum.... just in case, maybe this will stop WWIII..... I loved it.  I also loved the distinction that was made between culture and truth.  SO GOOD.  A little cheesy sometimes but I loved it!!!  You should all see it!!!!

The Corn on the stick thing... Helote!
Hermana Skidmore and I put toothpaste in oreos for the elders HAHAHA #priceless

Diana. I love her!  She is seriously amazing!

 We have an amazing lady named GxxxxxxxA that we are teaching every other day and she loves it and knows its good and wants to be a part of it.  They have come to church and everything.  It was the primary program which was perfect!  I am so excited because it has taken a lot to find someone like that.  I talk to a lot of people everyday.  She has the most adorable two little boys named AXXX and baby J.  It is the CUTEST when they talk because I can understand and it is just cute.  I think you understand. 

Thanks for your emails!  I am going to the temple today so I am excited!

Anyways!  I never have enough time to write everyone and ya.
Thanks for everything! I will print and write letters!

Love Emily.

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